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OMG!!!! Deleted 150G partition video files


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Just made the biggest mistake of my life

Deleted 150G of video files (xvideo, divx, avi and mpegs)!!!!!!!

Can someone help with a software to recover what i lost???


Already tried Acronis Disk suite to recover the partition, didn´t work.....

Right now i am in the process of running Ontrack Easy Recovery.It will last 12h and they say it will recover avi files..Let´s see...


I would like to know if it is best to try to recover the partition first and them the data or should i aim to the data itself??


I also have Hiren`s ultimate boot cd. Will this work???


Please need some advice


Thank you in advance



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In my quest to get my videos back i have been trough a lot of different softwares


tried test disk, Omtrak easy recovery, active partition recovery and many many others.


And when i was almost giiving out i decided to try GETDATABACK and got ALL of my avi and mpegs back in perfect condition


So if anyone needs a good recovery software this one worked great for me




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