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Feeling A Bit Lost ;(


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Okay - embarking on my first water system I'm starting to feel a bit lost. What I'm trying to do is create a system that is fairly silent and can provide a good level of performance while maintaining the look and feel of the current case. What I mean is that I don't want to butcher the case but want to make an extremely professional job of it.


I'm willing to go to the point of building custom res's and stuff if I need to. I think the case has a lot of options and I though it may be good to get some other feedback (from those with more experience then me) on what would be the best layout.


To begin with its trying to decide on what res/rad would be best. I believe I can get a BlackIce xtreme to fit nicely behind the front 120mm fan.


This would mean that I could avoid cutting any big holes and not really loose any drive space/etc.


Then the question of res comes along. I pretty sure I want one and have really two placement options. The first (show below) would be to use a 5 1/4 drive style res. I have a rebus that I would probably put in front of it and possibly drop the feed to the radiator down from the bottom front of the res and make a nice neat connection. The second set of connections (maybe one for each cpu, gpu, northbridge) woudl then just fit in the front.


The second option is to place a res in the centre channel. This would either be a tube style (which would bold in place of one of the 80mm fans or it would be a block style and replace both 80mm fans. I would like to avoid loosing this air channel as I think it would still help keep everything else cool but maybe loosing only half of it would be okay.


Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated as I want to make this project rock.








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I don't recomend the BlackIce products. - actually, I hate them, but that's another story.


If you are going with only 1x 120mm fan, I'd suggest either the Innovatek Single Fan Radiator, or the Maxxpert 120mm Radiator.


As for res, the Innovatek Plugon Reservoirs are cool, and I like the Tank-o-Matic that Sykocus has, the Bay-Res Reservoirs are also nice, and probably what I'll end up using.

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