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What is a good laptop for linux that is under 600 dollars. Thanks

I just bought a new laptop and put linux redhat on it. It will be mainly used for business trips and wifi surveying ;)


It's a Toshiba 2.0Ghz Celeron, 256MB DDR Memory, DVD+CDRW, 40GB HDD, Ethernet, 56k, and it comes with XP home. I installed another 256MB of memory in it, to give it that added boost :)


I bought it new at BestBuy for $699, $100 bucks more than what you're looking for.I don't know if BestBuy still have them at that price, but I know CircuitCity does. That price is after $50 instant rebate, $100 mail-in BB/CC rebate, and $150 mail-in toshiba rebate.

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