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4 leds sometimes 3

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Well what a great day last night some drunkard decided to run into the telephone pole across the street and knock out my power and possible my computer.


Description of problem


When I power on my computer I get 4 leds and no screen notta nothing. One or two times the leds went from 4 to 3 and a constant beep emits from the speakers. I have tried to clear the bios, change around all the ram to no avail about99.9% of the time i get the same 4 leds and nothing past that.


Thanks Kemp

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K update I got it back up and running to an extent but I did not write my bios setting for my system up anyone have any suggestions on what setting to apply. Right now I am only able to run one stick of the 4. Also the top orange slot is the only one that would let it boot


Thanks, Kemp

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