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RDX200 overclocking problems

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I am trying to solve two problems.

1) I cannot get the system to finish POSTing with the FSB frequency above

266 on this board, with a x9 CPU/FSB ratio. I tried the hardware listed

above with an ASUS A8R-MVP and a DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D. With both of

those boards I was able to do 289x9 stable. With the Ultra-D I also had the

memory at 260.1@2-2-2-6-1T.


I have read through the forum looking for clues. The things I found, things

like making sure that USB mouse and keyboard are disabled, did not make a

dfference. What else should I be trying?


2) The default clock on the video card GPU is 600. When the GPU is overclocked

above 620 the system crashes, even when nothing else is overclocked. With the ASUS board the same video card was stable with the GPU/Memory overclocked to 689/797 without increasing any voltages. That was with the CPU overclocked to 289x9. I have tried adjusting various voltage settings without any luck.



What else should I try?



I have read that the board is much better with revision A03. Can you

confirm that? Will DFI exchange an A02 for an A03 (or newer board)?



Thanks for any help you can give me.

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