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Not more than 205mhz FSB with a 875 p/t


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Hello! I'm french, so please scuse my mistakes of spelling...

I have a DFI lanparty 875P/T and I'm not able be stable with more than 205mhz of FSB. :confused:

My processor is a Celeron 330D cooled with a homemade phase change... With a asus motherboard, I was able to put 230 mhz of FSB (4.6ghz) and I was stable...

With my new DFI, I can't do more than 4.1ghz...

My ram memory is a PQI pc 3200 (a sort of noname) which is juste stable at 220mhz, so it should work fine at 215mhz for exemple...

I also can't unsyncronise my ram with the FSB, the only choices i have in my BIOS are auto, 266 and 333, with 266, the ram is syncronised...

I'm sorry, i'm probably not very easy to understand but i do my best... If you could help me, It would be wonderful! :nod:

My Bios is 03/25/05, should I flash it?


thanks a lot

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1. Update to the 06/27/2005 BETA BIOS. Make sure you read and understand the disclaimer at the top of the page. The BIOS can be found on this page:




2. Under Advanced Chipset Features, make sure the following options are set:

  • Tune Memory Timing: User Defined
  • Fine Tune Memory Timing: Auto
  • DRAM Timing Selectable: Manual
  • Fast Chip Select: Disabled
  • CPC Addr/Control: Disabled
  • Selective CPC: Disabled
  • Soft Patch Mode: Disabled

3. Under Genie BIOS Settings, make sure the following options are set:

  • Async AGP/PCI Clk: 66/33
  • Auto Detect PCI Clock: Disabled
  • Spread Spectrum: Disabled

Let us know how it goes. :)

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It is as fully automatic as I can make it.


Here is how it will work:

  • I e-mail you the diskette creator with the updated BIOS specific to your motherboard;
  • You download the BIOS disk creator to your hard drive;
  • Go to the folder you saved the file into and change the last 3 letters from XEX to EXE;
  • Insert a blank, error free floppy diskette into your floppy drive;
  • Double-click on the renamed file;
  • Click OK to the notification window that comes-up;
  • Once the program is done, click OK to the last notification window that comes up;
  • With the floppy diskette still in the floppy drive, reboot the computer;
  • The diskette will boot and proceed to flash your BIOS with the latest version;
  • Once completed, it will ask you to reboot your computer, please do;
  • Remove diskette;
  • Get into BIOS and load optimal defaults, save and reboot;

And there you go. :)

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when will you be able to send me this disk creator?




edit : my bios says my cpu temp is 75°C !!!!!!!!

but there is a phase change system on it and it should be at -20°C...

Are the DFI temperature sensor working or is there any bug with them?

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