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Blue screen from drive/controller instability?

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Running the below specs on xp64, no IDE hard drives in the system, just the 2 SATAs and a IDE dvd burner.


Problem is I can pretty reliably cause the machine to crash after so many hours of constant drive usage. This is a video encoding box so hard drive usage is pretty much 24/7 (frameserving/encoding, editing during encoding, moving stuff back and forth from my external NAS box to the PC, etc.). It's always running from encodes, and it's very high drive usage when I'm working on it at the same time.


The performance is great but it doesn't do me any good if it crashes halfway through a 10 hour long encode ;).


I am overclocked slightly at the moment (running @ 2250, bus is 250x4, memory timings are defaults, in dual channel, orange slots), but the machine is 100% stable simply running CPU benchmarks so that's not the issue. I can run Prime all day, but when I bog down the hard drives while CPU usage is high, it'll eventually blue screen. CPU voltage is default, CPU temp is ~35 at idle.


These are known good drives, tested yesterday doing the same kinda stuff, however much slower, in an Intel machine. Power supply is also known-good from testing in the same Intel machine. RAM has been running @ 250 for over a year in the same Intel machine. memtest passes 100%. These seagate drives are hot mothers, but they aren't any hotter in this box than they were in my old Intel machine, same case cooling/ventilation, so I don't suspect that initially, anyways.


So this is one of a few things.


1) driver issue

2) xp64 issue

3) drive controller issue

4) some random software issue


Has anyone seen the same thing and solved it?

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