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Is my SATA controller SATA II compatible?

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Yesterday I bought a Maxtor SATA 2 3.0 Gbps NCQ hard drive. The model is 6V200E0.

It is recognized by BIOS, but when I start my PC with it (regardless if it is on any of the four sata connectors) everything freezes right after "backing up bios.... OK" with the HDD LED constantly ON!


I tried everything, Partition Magic recognizes the drive, I made a copy of my old drive over the new one, but it refuses to boot.


Then I noticed a small jumper on the HDD which stated SATA 1.5 Gbps Limit. I moved it and voila. Everything is working OK now.


So what is the problem with my onboard SATA? Is it SATA 2 as my HDD or not?

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The NForce4 SATA controller on the Ultra-D is SATA II compatible, but it looks like you've run into the Maxtor/NVidia incompatibility issue that has been reported before. Search the threads for Maxtor and you'll see what I mean.


Some people have had no trouble with Maxtors, others have had to get a firmware upgrade from Maxtor. I eventually gave up & bought a cheap SATA controller card & plugged the Maxtors into that and they worked fine.





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