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Yay same overclock on lower voltage.


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Ive been bored so ive been trying to get a stable overclock on a lower voltage cause my heaters blowing to keep the house warm isnt helping my load temp which has approached 48C :(


So after the normal tinkering of settings I DID IT!



250x10 @1.6 volts

Prime stable 9 hours 30 mins.

The old voltage was 1.75..........


Ram timings are the same but I turned down the mem freq to 208.

IM gonna open up a overclocking database thread on this setup.


Hooray for lower load temps

Now its back at a max of 40 load with my ambient temp at 23C





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this is something i think alot of people tend to forget to do... and then wonder why their processors don't last as long as they should. What i find most interesting is the idea of burn in. I had my memory recently running at stock settings with stock voltage, BH-5 chips.. which is 3.1 (mushkin) and after about 2-3 months i decided to see if i could lower it without problems. Well easily, without having anything overclocked... i was able to lower it to 3.0 and keep all settings the same. Clearly processors and other components tend to do better when "broken in", similar to how a baseball glove is new, compared to months of use. Or a car engine is new, compared to a couple thousand miles on it.


Every 2-3 months re-evaluate your voltages... i think thats a great tip for anyone whos overclocking, especially if they recently did it.

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