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Weird Problem, please help!


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Alrite I had a strange problem for the past few days and I'm thinking its the MB going but not 100% sure. Here's some backround information on it.


Recently, whenever I exit CS the system hangs. This is the only known problem I have currently that repeats itself. Last night, something went errie after the power in the room shut off (my unit has a power bar with surge protection and so does the PW on the computer).


Everytime I would boot to Windows Prof. I would be greeted by the blue screen of death. It usually occurred about a minute into the loading of windows (not at the exact same moments though) or after I open any program. On 3 seperate accounts I got 3 completely different errors upon the system crashing:


First Time) 0x00000004 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

Second Time) 0x0000000A SYSMEM.SYS (that was reported as the error)

Third Time) 0x0000004E PFN_LIST_CORRUPT


After a few trail and error, I resorted to defaulting the entire MB by enabling the ESBD (something like that which restarts some ascept on the MB). Then all of a sudden I did not encounter a blue screen. I left the computer on for a couple of minutes to make sure, loaded IE, and used my screensaver and rebooted, to make sure all was up to order. After restart the system was still stable.


Currently, I'm running MEM test on the RAM through the DFI bios, and am now at work. Does anyone have any ideas of why thosse problems occurred and if any type of hardware such as the MB is responsible for this odd issue? Could it be that stupid DFI and X-Fi problem?



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