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Problem with graphics

Guest borut_merged

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I've bought a new computer by components:

- Gainward 6600 GT grafic card

- AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Box (soc. 939)


-Power suplay LC6550G 550W silent

-2x512 400DDR-


When I have first started the computer, I immediately noticed the bad screen, I thought it was a usually starting problem and I restarted my computer. Then the picture on the screen was good. I could change the bios boot settings and restarted the computer.

Since then the screen have been bad all the time. I have a garbled display all the time.(Look at the pictures)

There are a little strange colour squares all over the screen.

I've managed to set up windows XP on computer, but it was difficult.

When I want to update the graphic card drivers, the computer is restarted by itself.


Have someone eny idea what is the problem?








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Wow.... nasty looking.


Have you tried a different videocard in your system??? Or tried the "Gainward 6600 GT grafic card" in another system?


Seems to be that you have a bad videocard... if the screens displayed were ONLY screenshots from Windows I'd say it's a driver issue, but to have those same artifacts in POST mode.... that's bad.

I overclocked the hell outta my GeForce 4 and when it overheated, my screens looked the same. I'd say, verufy that it's the videocard and RMA it!



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99.9% that it's your video card... although if I were you, I would take the card out, rub the contacts with a pencil eraser, and then put it back in.


Make sure than when you screw the pci slot bracket on that it doesn't pull the card out of the slot slightly. Some ATX cases are made really cheap, and are not even. I've had times where I had to bend the pci slot bracket so that the case won't end up pulling the end of the card outa the slot.


If you want, try taking the card out and putting it back in without screwing it into place. It may just be seated badly when you screw it in. If that's the case, bend the pci slot bracket to fit it in right.

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I've tryed the graphic card in another system and the problem is still apearing,

so it seams that the graphic card is really bad and I'm going to return it tomorrow.

Thanks all for replays.

I'll let you know when i'll get back my graphic card.

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