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Are trash IDE drivers going to burn me?

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I've had my build going for exactly a week now, neglagable problems if any at all.


I installed the Nvidia firewall, IDE drivers via the chipset drivers currently offered on the DFI site.


I'm lucky, very lucky. I've heard nightmare tales of Nvidia firewall's active armor, and now I'm a bit worried about the IDE drivers people keep having problems with.


I installed the IDE drivers when prompted, and I've had no problems since, but will I have problems down the line? The only IDE devices I use are my CD burner drive and ... does disk drive count?


I use one SATA hard drive, does the IDE drvrs install one for SATA too? Cause I still use default SATA drivers, no raid here.


Is my install going to go bad or somthing in the future? Or should i just stop worrying and go with what works?





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If it runs fine don't worry and if you run into problem here is the easy way to set it back to MS default


How to guide to unistall the Sw IDe drivers


To unistalling the Nvidia drivers here is a step by step guide

This will install windows XP default drivers.


1. Goto the device manager by clicking start then run and type devmgmt.msc click ok




2. Right click on parallel ata driver then click properties.





3. Then click driver tab and click on update driver.





4. Then click no not at this time and click next.




5. Then click install from a list of specific location. (Advanced) then click next





6. Click don't search then click next.




7. Highlight standard dual channel IDE controller and click next.

This will set the IDE back to MS default for burning DVD.




Repeat 2 - 7 on other two sata controllers.

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I didnt see what was under that menu in the device manager, but when you said PATA drivers, ... well i dont seem to have anything with PATA in it.


i have 2 "NVIDIA nForce4 ADMA Controler"s

and 1 "NVIDIA nForce4 Parallel ATA Conroler"


Do i do the rollabck procedure on those instead?

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If you install from the XP CD you install the Microsoft IDE drivers. When you install the nVidia drivers a copy of the MS IDE drivers are stored by System Restore. If you select the nVidia drivers then choose "Roll Back" you are taken back to the MS IDE drivers.

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Kay, cause there's somthing new happening with my sata HD since i got this new motherboard. NEver did it before


After a minute or so of inactivity, the HD makes a sound like its accessing, kinda... spinning slowly, but not accessing. That scratchy sound mine makes when its doing some accessing, but not hard accessing that makes it go all clicky a lot. It dosnt effect anything as far as i can tell, and as soon as it makes the littlest little click, it stops doing that.


could it just be a measure designed to keep the heads from resting in one place too long or somthing? Or should I be conserned?

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