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Am I Golden?


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I have been looking, thinking, reading for a very long time now. (I always plan my big purchases) I have this in my shopping cart about to checkout. Are there any changes that should be made before I spend the money.

Case: Lian Li PC-V1000B


Are there issues with PSU's fitting?


Mobo: DFI LANPARTY Ultra-D nF4


Heard lot of mixed things about this board. Hopefully I won't have much trouble with it. Seems like one of the best boards available.


PSU: 520W PowerStream


by the way? what is this ones difference? exact same?

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817711002 (its 20 bucks left after a mail in rebate)

Is there a Mobo/PSU/Case malfunction probably going to be happening here? Fitting in the case? Killing the PSU or mobo from the pair of them?


Processor: AMD 64 X2 4400+


Seems like king choice to me. Definitly future proof and hopefully the 1mb of cache will help me in later gaming more then it does currently.

Is it hard to get this mobo set up with proper drivers with the mobo, or anything else? I hear im going to be having to do some bios flashing and driver finding and such for everything to run smoothly? I HATE random crashes and errors :)


CPU Heatsink: Thermalright XP-120


This is the one I want for my baby 4400? Weight is not a issue or anything else is it?


CPU Heatsink Fan: 120mm Panasonic Panaflow


Best choice for the XP-120 if it ends up that way? There is also another option for a 120mm panaflow but it seems to run faster but will be louder. I have a goal of keeping my system pretty quiet.


Video Card: eVGA 7800GTX PCi-Express


Best video card available to buy if you ask me, I also hold the option a year or two down the road to upgrade mobo and get a second in SLi. Hopefully prices will be cheaper then. Thats a big mabey. I hear this card barly fits on the Ultra-D any comments?


Video Card Cooler: Zalman ZF700


Best air aftermarket cooling I think you can get, seems good price and will allow for some overclocking.


Memory: Crucial Ballistix 2GB (1GB x 2) DDR 500 (PC 4000)


Sounds like the best memory money can buy. Should let me unleash anything I can get out of my 4400. Will not cause any bottlenecking of any sort, runs the best as far as im concerned.


Harddrive: 74GB WD Raptor


Looks good for gaming, my other computer had one, seemed to be great. Would put O/S and Games on it.


250GB Maxtor Maxline III


nice 16mb cache, for storage and media.

However Im still in a HDD perdicament. Do I want 2 Raptors in Raid? 2 Maxtors seperate? 2 Maxtors in Raid? With gaming in mind, and a need for storage/media what are my best options?


Sound Card: Creative X-Fi


Hear a lot of good things about these, it will be my first time i've ever used anything non-onboard sound. Still a little skeptical about this guy.


Keyboard: MSFT Standard PS/2


Seems to be what I like, cant complain.


Mouse: Razer Copperhead



Logitech G5 Laser


Never used anything like either of them, but I need a gaming mouse and I would use it for desktop purposes as well as gaming. I've adapted to such ways. Still not sure, mabey something can swing me in a direction.


Mousepad: fUnc Black Mousepad


Never used anything like it either, not too sure.. but i need quality mousepad for my quality hardware and equipment.


What do you guys think? I asked a few questions, mabey you guys can be of some help :D

PS: If I do decide watercooling, Ide buy the Swifttech H20-Apex Heavy duty kit and buy something like a maze 4 waterblock for the 7800GTX.


Overall I come here for opinons and a overview to make sure all will go smoothly with the DFI Ultra-D motherboard OR I might possibly purchase the DFI SLI-DR instead. I do not want to run into many problems if any at all during the proccess. Thanks everyone.

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