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HDD problems!

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Most of the problems I initially had seems to be resolved.


I thought the HDD-problem I had was solved to but it seems to be only almost solved.




I have 2 Maxtor DiamondMax 10 disks bought only 2-3 weeks ago.


I think I have already read all the threads about DiamondMax10 disks and my firmware is newer than even the ones people recieved from Maxtor back then.

My firmware seems to be: BANC1G10


Initially I had problems with Windows booting up very slowly but after following some advice in the other threads that no longer seems to be a problem (maybe just because it occurs less often now)


I first set the two other SATA-ports to None instead of Auto and now I have 2 other disks connected (Maxtor DM9 I believe). This seemed to help alot but not completely.


The drives still occasionaly seems to stop responding.

Mostly I notice this while downloading Torrents (wich stresses disks quite a bit).

Intervals between this happening varies between minutes and hours. They stop responding for like 10-30 seconds.


If I use Device manager and open the nForce SATA controler and make a Speed Test I get Burst speed of around 1 Mb/s and Sustained speed of 0 Mb/s until they start responding at wich point the speed is like 129 Mb/s burst and 59 Mb/s sustained.


I am in contact with Maxtor and the place I bought the drives already.

After answering a 10 feet mail with questions from Maxtor they just said to update the drivers for the SATA controller. This of course was the first thing I did so I told them that but I have not recieved a response to that yet.


Does anyone here have any idea as to where the problem might lie?

Is it even the diks or could it be something else?


I think it seems to be the disks or possibly drivers but I had problems even before installing the SATA drivers (making the nForce4 emulate PATA for the OS to still be able to detect them)

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