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SATA RAID Shutdown problem

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If anyone might have seen this before, pls let me know. I'm stumped!


I have been benching/OC for a while now with very stable OC at 9X290. Decided to get my RAID working, dropped down to stock speeds and attempted this on a fresh w2k install. I followed a few other postings with detailed setting etc "Bios 711 config with raid :: walkthrough.


First I tried this with the stock Nvidia windows chipset drivers, horrible nothing worked. Started again with 5.10.2600.0518 from the DFI site, fresh install again.


RAID array appears to now be working, although more testing is in order. Problem is now every time I try to do a soft restart, or shutdown I get a black screen and the system hangs. Yuk!


Any idea's?

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