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www.overclockers.co.uk - a cautionary tale


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I'll be the first one to stand up and give praise to companies that really make me feel valued and provide a good service. But this is not one of those occasions.


Over the last week overclockers.co.uk have cosistently managed to make errors and exhibit a complete lack of customer care. Make yourselves comfortable.

Wednesday 31-08-05

DFI nF3 Ultra-D gets RMA'd to the Dutch as the USB ports all sponteaneously die. I have lots of essential work that requires my main system to be up and running so place an urgent order with OcUK for a temporary replacement board.


Your order 1306*** - Internet reference: DH31EE104*****

**B Grade** Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 nForce3 Ultra (Socket 939) Motherboard (BG-007-GI)


Above is the order confirmation emailed to me seconds later. By the end of the day I have my tracking number. I pay extra for a next day service.

Thursday 01-09-05


I stay in for 4 hours waiting for the delivery on my day off. 13:00pm the package arrives. To my annoyance upon opening the package I find a Socket 754 version of the board I ordered! Useless!


I then spend about 45 minutes trying to get through on OcUKs customer service lines. To add to the frustration they have seen fit to engineer their lines so that if they are unable to answer your call in the first 6 minutes they just cut the line and hang up on you!


Finally I get through to a guy and after I tell him my problem he says I need to speak to a different department. Can he transfer me? No they are too busy so he can't! He tells me to go use the online support request form.


*deep breath*


So I send details of the problem through to them and get a fairly prompt reply. The suitably offer to advance RMA the correct board to me and ensure it will be with me tomorrow. I ask for the tracking number and the guy replies it will be emailed later.


Friday 02/09/05


I arrange for someone else to be in to sign for the package as I'm at work all day. Still no tracking number so I set to another 45 minutes of trying to speak to someone. Eventually I get through and I'm advised the board hasn't been sent! Apparently they are awaiting stock!


About now I'm getting a little frustrated. The guy eventually agrees to send a different board (at my suggestion), an MSI Neo2 Platinum. I also request that he makes sure it reaches me via Saturday delivery at their expense. This is also agreed.


A few minutes later I recieve the following email.


The following poducts are on this rma, if there are any discrepancies please contact Overclockers as soon as possible by phone on 0871 222 8528.


BG-030-MS **B Grade** MSI K8N Neo Platinum nForce3 250 (Socket 754) Motherboard (BG-030-MS) x 1


NOT AGAIN! Another hecking 754 board on its way!


So *deep breath* another 45 minutes of being hung up on trying to get through. Once I get through I get a rather hollow appology and the guy agrees to send yet another board and asks me to reject delivery of the first one.

Saturday 03/09/05


Again I have to work and arrange for someone else to be in to sign for the package leaving instruction to reject the first one and recieve the second. A few hours later I get a call from them saying only one package was being delivered and it was the wrong one!




Several online support forms and over an hour of not getting through on the customer service lines I give up for the weekend and accept that I am going to get drastcally behind on work.


I send another online form asking for an email address or postal address to write a formal complaint to.


Monday 05/09/05


Finally the right board although with no ATX shield :( but at least I can build my system back up.


I get no replies to my previous emails. I do however start to recieve mysterious sick email spam and porn links to what has always been a clean email address...


Tuesday 06/09/05


Still no response to my emails so another request sent asking for all postage costs to be refunded and for them to arrange their own collection of the incorrect Gigabyte board (I will waste no more time with this company).

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