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Seeking advice/guidance determining max cpu and ram #'s


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Venice 3200

OCZ 512x2 Platnium rev. 2

OCZ 520 powerstream

(Currently running with stock hsf because my zalman 7700cu is inc.)

I am testing w/o zalman because i want to get i sense of how to oc while i wait. I also would like some feedback from others by comparing #'s.



HTT:240 ( I have read other's sigs and have seen 300x9 or 300x11 on venice 3000+?)

Multi: 10

LDT: 3


ldt volt: 1.3

chipset volt: 1.6


Question: Do these results look "normal" for my setting and cpu/fans atm? Will installing my zalman allow me to up the htt more and be able to pass superpi (32m), occt (30m), prime(8-10hrs)?






tcl 2.5

trcd 4

tras 8

trp 3










Bank int: enabled

skew 255+

drive str 7

data str 2

max async 8ns

read pream 5ns

idle 128






Ram i tried testing to see its max potential, however after reading recommended sites regarding timings and other settings it was quite confusing. I have only shifted some numbers around to test and my max was 240-245 on passing memtest.


By posting I am not sure what I am asking... but only wondering am i on the right path? I've read thunda's oc sticky many times as well as other posts and comments. I am doing something wrong that causes me to only reach 240x10 stability? Does my setup have the potential to reach spds of 280x10? 270x10?




Edit: Or am I calculating the formula wrong?

Max cpu 240x10 = 2400mhz

Max ram 240-245


240x10 = 2400mhz OK

245x10 = 2450mhz Not OK

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Let us know what your BIOS version is and at it to your signature, by the way.


My other preliminary question would be what your temps look like at 240x10 under load. You've got a great MB, power supply, memory (probably), and CPU (probably).


Indeed, my Venice 3000+ runs at 9x300MHz and the memory runs at 2.5-3-4-8 (270MHz from the 9/10 divider) so take courage that you probably have potential ahead of you (I have the same memory as you).


Are you using a divider to underclock your memory, thus concentrating first on the overclockability of your CPU? You'll want to do that and try moving forward to 245 x 10 again. Also try moving the 245 up and the x 10 down (260 x 9, etc) though you may not stay this way permanently.


Post back with results.

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Sorry I was thinking while I was away that I should have posted my updated bios... I am using the official 623-3 bios version.


In regards to my temps at 240x10, i used mbm5 and got CPU 42, PWMIC 45, and nf4 chipset is 55 (High i believe, will be adding artic silver 5 tomorrow)


The divider i'm using is set to 200mhz (dram freq if thats what you are asking for) I havent changed this setting since thunda's sticky recommendation for testing.


Thanks for the advice =)

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