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Initial success at overclocking Hynix D43


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Like quite a few of you when I was building my system I did not do enough research in relation to the DFI NF4 SLI-DR board not liking Hynix D43 chips. The shop in which I bought my ram did not understand the situation and will not change it so I am stuck with figuring out how to make it work.


I tried quite a few bioses + settings followed by memtest and prime 95 testings the past month but all have failed until recently. If you guys are using Hynix D43 on DFI NF4 SLI-DR you might want to give the 310 and 310p bioses a go.


Settings are all auto expect for cpu vid control at 1.325 v with cpu special vid at 126x.

FSB is currently at 250 x 11 on the cpu side of things making ram run at ddr 500. The downside of this is I have to run my ram at the self killing volt of 3.3. Initial tests seem good, been running memtest86 + 1.51 for about 2 hours and prime95 for about 2 hours without errors. Had to stop because I wanted to play wow lol.


Good luck for any of you guys testing this out. Also please post your bios setup/settings if you guys have had more luck.

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I got GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4000 on Hynix D43 chips also. Mine memory runs little better I think.


250 2.5-3-3-6-1T @ 2.8V with timings like on this screenshot:




275 2.5-4-4-7-1T @ 3.1V with timings like on this screenshot:




Right now I'm using official 0623 but 275htt was done on official 0310.


Both settings are rockstable and was tested in memtest86+ and gold memory. Try one of my settings and give me know if it helped or not.

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