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nf4 onboard lan issues

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having issues with my onboard lan after installing a variety of things including, atx case connectors, usb connectors, a fan controller. The cable was forcefully unattached from the LAN unit when I was shifting my case.


After which I can't connect to the internet but I still can see the onboard lan available on network connections in windows. It even got assigned a dhcp address by the router but for some reason it can't access the internet. I doubt there's any physical defects with the onboard LAN.


It's more like a plague now, I tried uninstalling the drivers through hardware manager, but everytime I restart it's there again. For some reason I can't fully uninstall it.


Can anyone tell me how to fix it ?


EDIT: I searched through the forums for similar problems, but unlike those, mine was working before, but now it isnt...

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