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  1. Why did Intel create the i9 for Skylake but not for Coffeelake ? I find the problem with Coffeelake is that it's limited to only upgrading to other flavors of the i7 rather if one ever wants to upgrade to the i9 which can only be done though Skylake. I understand both are nm14 therefore I assume the difference, although I don't know the specific differences between the two is small ? Also why does it appear most socket 2066 boards have some sort of problem one way or another ?
  2. Has anyone or does any do custom case modding ? I have an idea for a case, probably should design it first but I've never done welding which in my mod I believe will be required. Unless someone can suggest what I can do so I can get comfortable so I can mod a case ?
  3. I hope it's not dead, then again it was working fine from what I can remember a few weeks ago before completely re-arranging all my drive connections. I'll take the jumper off completely; hoping that works. The power connector is daisy chained as seen in the diagram; obviously power is going to it
  4. Does it matter prime95 hasn't been updated for a while ? I'm able to get the temps directly though my PSU no need for software options.
  5. I have multiple SSD/HDD they are all connected by one power cable into the PSU. Except one of the drives, I'm assuming the HDD is not being seen by windows, my guess it's the jumper being set to master ? To show what I mean here is a diagram As seen, to the left is the power cable, it's daisy chained from the top to the next drive, and the next and the next etc then into the PSU. First Drive is an HDD with SATA connection Second Drive is a SSD Third is a HDD with SATA connection Forth is a HDD with strictly a Ribbon Cable to the motherboard Fifth is an SSD My guess is the HDD with the ribbon cable is the cause; it's set to master for the jumper; should I change it to cable select or slave ?
  6. SpikeSopano. What do you mean stress resting it on the oc ? The average temp of the CPU including all cores is around 34C. What is the most accurate method to know what the CPU is currently running at, that is including over clocking ? And could I possible if I'm correct that I'm running at an average of 4.2Ghz push that to around 4.6Ghz ?
  7. I've already over clocked a PC from 3.2ghz to roughly 4Ghz, the CPU runs at roughly 33C. Therefore can I atleast push the CPU to 4.2 ghz also considering if I have; I assume plenty of wattage coming into the computer, if that is relevant to begin with ?
  8. Thanks for all your help. Thread Closed
  9. One more thing to ask before more or less call this thread closed. Where in the image did you see the swollen or leaking caps; I see only two, if that is exactly what you see ?
  10. It is an old system, I want to strictly extend it's life a little while longer, at most. What do you recommend strictly replacing the caps or getting a replacement board what I found for around $65.00 ? And is it difficult to replace the caps ? The verdict is the motherboard
  11. This probably is the final diagnostics on this problem. Check out the caps to the left on this image, from what I see they are leaking which only means one thing, after testing RAM,HDD\SSD,GPU Temps the only problem is the motherboard.
  12. I ran hard drive tune. Error Scan (tab) came back perfect but the Health (tab) came back with this error; Is it possible that the randomly resetting or when running a browser for a long time or copying a large file from one drive to another etc etc is because of a bad HDD / SATA cable ?
  13. How do they get cases so clean inside whereas you don't see any wires but a few tubs. I dislike looking inside my case as I have case wires running from point A - B followed by SATA cables running from here to there. I want to see strictly the hardware not the wires, if that is possible ?
  14. I never updated; I put in a brand new 850watt PSU. I also did MemTest x86 and Windows Memory Diagnostics both came out error free; unfortunately the computer still resets at random, in other words; it can run for five hours straight but if I begin to do something as in copy a large file or do a system backup that is where it will lock up; or sometimes it decides to reset on it's own. I've come to a conclusion; the motherboard ?
  15. All what I'm experiencing when backing up to a NAS is all the PSU related; correct ? I may still buy a multimeter but I'll take your word for it and look towards a new PSU; I hope you're right
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