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screen keeps going black

09 May 2018 - 08:04 AM

hey guys, long time no post.... how's everyone??


little problem has developed with my display, every now and then it will just flash black and then back to normal


screen is a samsung 22" (can't remember the model, no label on the back!!) only has vga input and windows only states generic monitor

graphics card is a brand new asus gtx 1050ti 4gb (non powered) not overclocked. best i could buy with my budget and it does what i want it to, reasonable performance for the price.


the two are connected via a vga cable to an dvi-d converter


i've tried my old hans-g 15" and this worked ok for the 30mins or so it was connected.


drivers are all up to date and system is running smooth with no problems apart from this.


has anyone else had a simalar problem or would you say the monitor is on the way out?


many thanks