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Steelseries Rival 600

01 July 2018 - 09:55 AM

My excellent mouse, a Corsair M90, is dead (RIP 2012-2018):

I always chose quality and performance before the price…

I hope I was not mistaken.... I bought and received this: Steelseries Rival 600

 A superb product…

My first impression, as a consumer of Hi-tech product is good, but I would have preferred a braided USB connection wire, more durable… for the price !

I preferred this mouse by adding all the useful weight.

The mouse is great, especially for its ergonomics and responsiveness.

Now it is the long-term use and test that this mouse will reveal its true qualities. But it's well gone ;-) Why, because I buy it  lol



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Forget an used graphic card

19 September 2017 - 10:19 PM

Currently, the market is invaded by used graphics cards... Essentially... from digital mining... or from some poor miner.


Dont' buy these cards.


A real and good player don't play full time 24/24... Imagine an overclocked graphics card that work 24 hours a day... 


It's a bad time for the Bitcoin or others digital money... Many miner want to resell...


Be careful


If you are a real  player, Save and pay for new.


Bye ;-)