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Building my first computer need help?

03 January 2012 - 01:03 PM

Always wanted to build my own and now put talk to action. With everything I prob went over board and won't need the speed but I still want it. The main thing will be running is act database and games like Skyrim.
So far this is what I bought
Asus rampage iv extreme/BF3
intel I7 3930k
Evga 580 GTX
SSD 120g vtx-25sat3
Memory 16gb of gskil f3-12800
And monitor keyboard mouse and all

My question I want to liquid cool what is needed. To start off I am torn between two cases Timjin TJ07 and
Obsidian 800d. The next thing what should I cool besides the processor? At this point I have my eye on EK nickel stuff
for it all processor,full block, and the GTX 580. Do I need a dual loop and or is it recommended to use a dual loop all of this? Can safely get away from not liquid cooling the full block and GTX? Last of all any help you can give me I will greatly appreciate. I have watch to many YouTube videos figured It was time to ask for help.