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Building my own PC Case

28 December 2017 - 03:11 AM

Been away from here for a while but am in the mood to change up my PC Case from my old Coolermaster Elite 430

So in the planning stages at the moment for a new case. Looking to see if anyone has any suggestions or experience building with aluminium t bar.

Housing my z68 mobo, i5 2500k, 2x GTX 690s and a Silverstone 750watt psu.

Current objectives:
- lots of airflow, unobstructed
- minimal noise
- looks good
- no lights
- built strong

Ways I plan to tackle all that.
Aluminium t bar is very strong to begin with am looking to use black anodised 20x20mm t bar with 6mm slots. Haven't found any black hardware for joining so I'll need to paint that. This will make up all the frame work outer edges as well as some internal work.
Buy/cut a mobo tray out of another case to mount mobo. Use HDD/SSD cages to mount drives.
Make the walls out of 6mm marine ply, fits in the t slot and comes up nice when sealed.
Mount fans and filters to the frame drawing in the front and out the back. Aiming to go triple 180/200mm fans front and back and mount everything in-between, so lots of crossflow.
The PSU will be mounted so it draws and vents its own air separately to the rest of the case.

Now 180mm fans can run rather quiet with plenty of airflow but GPU fans cannot. Next bit that I am tossing up still is using CPU air coolers and copper heatsyncs to cool the GTX 690s

Now I really need input here from anyone that has tried this. The plan is to strip the stock cooler off stick copper heatsyncs with thermal pads to all the vrm etc and put serious CPU air coolers on the dies.
Naturally the GPU width will drastically increase and this will be tackled by vertically mounting the two GPUs and using ribbon cable to connect them to the mobo.

If I go this path one of the sidewalls will become Plexi because ain't no way I am making massive aircooled bohemoths and not showing them off.

Anyway any input welcome SketchUp plans and other diagrams to come tomorrow