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I'm Back - Get me squared away.

14 December 2018 - 09:08 PM

So I recently lost a friend to cancer and that got me thinking I needed to start folding again, even if my various decrepit rigs can't do much. So I back after a 5 year hiatus... dang it didn't seem that long till I added it up.



I've been wading through all the new fldc stuff and I have one question, is i really worth the hassle or should I just keep folding under my old username and not worry about the coins? I know squat about crypto currencies and don't really have much faith in the idea.


On the hardware side of things, is it still possible to set a utilization level? I feel like that was something I used to be able to do. The new browser thing shows power usage (low, medium, high), but my CPU utilization is ~90% regardless of what I select. If I can get a controlled low rate I'll load up on my work computers because they are always up, but mostly idle. Just pulling data off the GC/MS every few minutes.


Good to see some familiar faces still posting, I was afraid this community would have died in recent years.