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#2077231 Which is better?

Posted by vandreadstriker on 18 February 2013 - 08:33 AM

I agree with DnaAngel. You're shelling out $50 more for a 2-4oC better performance which, IMHO, is seriously worthless unless you're planning to really push as far as possible (in which, if you did, you likely won't be asking this question). Even a Hyper212 Evo can go a long way, and they only cost $35.


That being said, I recommend the NZXT Havik 140. Haven't personally tried the OCK or the DK2 but the Havik 140 is second only to the D14 in my experience (well 3rd if you count the original H100.)



Water displaces heat better then air (think jumping in a 32 degree pond as opposed to standing outside in 32 degree air temp). So no matter how good the air cooler is, water will still perform better in most cases. I was jsut stunned at how well that darn air cooler performed!


Water does displace heat better than air, but design also plays a big role. Fact that you're only seeing a minor decrease in temps when switching to a H100 from a D14 proofs that. At its current state, AIO water coolers just ain't worth the money compared to high-end air coolers IMHO.

#2077204 A-10 6800k on par with Fx-8350?

Posted by vandreadstriker on 18 February 2013 - 12:21 AM

now why not an 8890 on die apu ? awesome or what ? come on amd, let's see what you got !! :lol:


When you remember how AMD have been squishing as many cores as possible into a die, I'd say it's only a matter of time.

One APU, One m-ATX board, One hell of a performance. That's the dream :D

#2071902 Sudden frame rate drop every 30s in DX 11 applications, please help

Posted by vandreadstriker on 13 January 2013 - 12:07 AM

Have you tried unplugging and re-plugging everything back?

#2068269 Gun control

Posted by vandreadstriker on 20 December 2012 - 05:14 AM

Here's what I never did understand: Why do you need a Gun in the first place?

Coming from a nation where Guns are prohibited by law to be used by non-officials, I've never understand why you'd need a Gun..

To protect yourself? Sure, but when guns are banned, even those who'd mess with you won't have access to guns (well, not always true, but the majority won't).


So I'd like to ask those of you who do own a gun (or three): Why do you own them? (Keep in mind that I'm not, in anyway, accusing you of any wrong doings. I'm asking this just out of sheer curiousity and to understand better the mindset of people who purchase Guns)


May the victimns who were involved in the shootings earlier this week rest in peace. :RIP:

#2062340 Asus GTX660 Ti Build - Suggestions

Posted by vandreadstriker on 18 November 2012 - 02:09 AM

If you're not planning to overclock the CPU you could probably go for the 3570 (non K), the K signifies an unlocked clock multiplier which is useful for overclocking, but if you don't want to overclock your system at any point then you can go for the stock 3570, which is usually cheaper :)


Otherwise, your build looks solid to me. You will not need anything higher than the 3570K for gaming, and the P8Z77-V Pro is one solid board. Generally all high end Z77 boards have the same performance. The only benefit you'd get from a higher priced board are some additional features (which usually is not of much use to most users. e.g. eSATA ports, PLX chip, etc..) and overpriced branding.

If I were to nitpick, I'd say change the Power Supply. PSU is a vital part of the system and you don't ever want to go cheap on them. If it fails, the collateral damage towards other components will make you regret not investing on a quality unit. Personally I'd get something like the Corsair TX / Seasonic S12/M12 / Antec Earthwatts / OCZ ZT series. All of them (except Corsair) are reasonably priced and are of great quality.

Another thing that I'd change would be the cooler. Look into the CoolerMaster Hyper212 Evo instead. If you want an even better performing cooler, look for the NZXT Havik 140.


#2054042 Seeking upgrade advice

Posted by vandreadstriker on 05 October 2012 - 08:35 PM

G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB 1600MHz

Total: CAD268

At 1080P, I don't think you'd need anything higher than a 660

#2035528 Asus Maximus V Gene Micro-ATX Motherboard Tested

Posted by vandreadstriker on 29 June 2012 - 07:48 AM

Any idea if fitting a D14 would cause compatibility issues, especially to the card on the first PCI-E slot and the mPCI-E card?
Just wanted to know if it's possible to fit a D14 and a 670 DCII without issues (since the 670 DCII comes with a back plate)

great review ccokeman! :thumbsup:

#2035498 i5-3570k running wild hot!

Posted by vandreadstriker on 29 June 2012 - 04:23 AM

IB does run very hot but usually they run lower than that on stock voltages.. It's kinda odd IMO..
Check your BIOS settings and revert CPU settings to stock.. Maybe install a newer BIOS revision if any.

If you're thinking of overclocking, an aftermarket cooler is definitely a must and worthy investment.

As for your BSOD issue, take note of your Error code when it occurs. I suspect you're limited by your 2GB RAM but I don't think it'd cause a BSOD.


#2023499 Which Z77 Motherboard? Please Help

Posted by vandreadstriker on 05 May 2012 - 09:15 AM

Did you get any hint for anywhere or it is just a speculation?

AFAIK ASUS only uses it's 'Rampage' Brands on boards that will pair up with Intel's Higher & 'Extreme' CPU offerings. Except for the First Rampage (Which uses LGA775, before Intel started differentiating their Higher & 'Extreme' CPU), the Rampage II & III are for 1136 Socket and the current Rampage IV for the 2011 Socket.
For their boards that will pair up with Intel's 'Mainstream' CPUs, they use the Maximus branding, and for AMD the Crosshair Branding.

I think he should know this better then us as a reviewer :dunno:

#2020639 P67 or Z68 for Gaming PC

Posted by vandreadstriker on 24 April 2012 - 03:50 AM

1.P67 was the first chipset for 1155 along with H67 (With P67 you can OC but can't use IGPU, H67 the other way around)
2.Then the Z68 came which mates the features of P67 and H67 + Features like Virtu MVP, ISRT, etc..
3.And Now the Z77 chipset with newer features, native USB 3.0 and PCIE Gen3
Pure performance wise, they're all similar IMO.

#2015507 Radeon HD6850 2GB vs HD6870 1GB.

Posted by vandreadstriker on 05 April 2012 - 09:20 AM

Performance/Clock should be uniformed on all 560Ti units, regardless of brands. Usually we recommend a specific brand due to their Third Party cooler like the MSI TwinFrozrIII and ASUS DirectCUII which lowers temperature quite significantly. Also sometimes you tend to have better luck in certain brands then others when OCing so that's a factor too.
If you could, I'd recommend getting the MSI 560Ti HAWK. AFAIK MSI bins their HAWK cards which means you could get lucky and strike a golden unit with crazy OC capability. Also the TwinFrozrIII Cooler is just superb IMO. But if you can't then there's nothing wrong with the one you've chosen.

Video memory won't affect much in terms of performance (with exception of some titles). If you're only playing on a single 1920x1080 monitor then you won't need more then 1GB of Video memory. >2GB are only useful in higher resolution such as 2560x1440 or Eyefinity Setups 5760x1080.

#2005060 Ivy Bridge delayed until June...

Posted by vandreadstriker on 28 February 2012 - 12:12 AM

Different sources seems to say different things..

Intel Ivy Bridge Revised Launch-Schedule Revealed
Citing issues with the 22 nm manufacturing process, Intel postponed the release of its 22 nm "Ivy Bridge" Core processor family by as much as 10 weeks. There still seems to exist some confusion surrounding this launch, which SweClockers sought to clear with its latest article containing important dates related to the launch.

  • 8 April, 2012: This was supposed to be the day "everything" (all CPU models slated for April, compatible motherboards) launched. Instead on this day, motherboard vendors will launch their products based on Intel Z77, Z75, H77, and B75 chipsets. System builders (you) will have to use existing "Sandy Bridge" processors, which are very much compatible with those motherboards. You will not be able to buy "Ivy Bridge" processors from anywhere on this day.
  • 29 April, 2012: This is when Intel will launch quad-core Core i5, Core i7 "Ivy Bridge". On this day, the media will be able to post reviews of the new processor platform. It's not clear if you'll be able to buy these chips on this day, either. Perhaps you might,
  • 3 June, 2012: This is when Intel will launch Q77 and Q75 chipset. The notebook platform based on "Ivy Bridge", dual-core "Ivy Bridge" processors, and the much talked about Ultrabook "Ivy Bridge" form-factor are due for "sometime in June".


#2002574 First PC Build

Posted by vandreadstriker on 18 February 2012 - 11:47 AM

And btw, is a ViewSonic vx2253mh decent?

I'd take the ASUS monitor Tjj226_Angel shown. That ViewSonic you shown was decent alright but the ASUS monitor has a better spec.

Also, I recommend getting the WD Caviar Blue instead. I have a Caviar Black and although it's a good drive, it makes racketing noises that just stands out too much. The extra money can also go for an SSD.

Here's what I've come up:

CPU: i5 2500K - 229.99
Board: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 - 121.99
RAM: Corsair Vengance LP White 8GB CL9 1.35v - 49.99
SSD: Corsair Force Series GT 120GB - 184.99 [154.99 after MIR]
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB - 149.99
GPU: Gigabyte GV-R695OC-1GD - 249.99
Optical: Lite-On 24x DVD Burner iHAS224-06 OEM - 20.99
Case: CM Storm Enforcer - 89.99 [79.99 after MIR] (can't find CM Elite 431)
PSU: Corsair AX650W - 149.99
Cooler: CM Hyper212 Evo - 34.99
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM - 99.99
Display: ASUS VH236H - 169.99 [149.99 after MIR]

Total: $1553 [$1493 after MIR] - Still within your price range
You can still get the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3. MSI R6950 and Seasonic X660 that you've chosen if you prefer them instead of what I suggested.

#2001571 Little Help In My MiD - Gaming Build

Posted by vandreadstriker on 15 February 2012 - 07:07 AM

It's a Very Solid Build.. I can't really find anything wrong with it! :thumbsup:
I think You meant the 6970 1GB. The HD6970 is a great card and is better than the GTX560Ti but I'd suggest you save your money and get the GTX560Ti instead since I don't think you'd really need a HD6970 when the GTX560Ti you've choosen is capable of playing any games at high - ultra settings in 1920x1080 resolution.
Since you already bought the Mobo, I guess you have already researched and decided that you won't need the Z68's iGPU feature then? If it's the case, I suggest looking for the i5 2550K which Intel just recently release. It has no integrated graphics which theoratically should let it OC much better. But I think you should also wait for other member's opinion on this regard.

Nevermind 4.2GHz, I'd say you'd be able to get to 4.6GHz :biggrin:

If you have some money to spare, you could look at the CM Storm Trooper. It does have a much greater price tag but I should think it's a good choice for Airflow and Mobility.

#1988926 having trouble deciding

Posted by vandreadstriker on 09 January 2012 - 07:07 AM

Well, first of all, welcome to OCC :) (Probably isn't my place to say that :biggrin: )

Believe it or not, I'm an AMD Fanboy as well! Been using AMD since the Athlon 64 came out and was one of the best at that time I dare say :)
But you really cannot deny that AMD have been falling behind and that the resseructed FX chips aren't satisfactory given that they worked on it for 5+ years. If you really want a new Rig now, there's no doubt that going with the i5 2500K is the best choice right now.. And I think it'll last for quite some time given that it would OC very high (even today's game wouldn't need the tremendous OC it's capable of) or, if you'd want something that's even more future-proof, then wait for IB like PremiumAcc said.

I'd say that if you'd want to get a high OC from your chip, probably consider changing your cooler. But if you don't really want to do that now, it can wait. The rest of your system looks great so you'd not need to upgrade them anytime soon.

IMHO, waiting and waiting for newer chips like improved BD, etc, is just a waste of time. Within half a year or so, there would be a better one replacing them.. At least in my experience.. Better off getting it now then never.