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In Topic: Help on coming up with an odd yet sensible system? (I hope)

30 June 2013 - 07:17 AM

Alright an A10-5800/6800 is an FX 4300 and HD 6670.  APU is the top of the line, so know if it will do ya good.


If you are contemplating gaming with a discrete card an ATHLON CPU (no video) and an HD 7770 or GTX650  might be better.






That is perhaps large, mITX  would be more difficult




Somewhere between the $400 and the $650, and usually you can do better Toms Marathon pricing.


I'm a bit sceptical on the 750K's performance. It seems to be on par with the 5800K and if so, I think I'd rather get a 6800K and a 6670 to crossfire with..

I'll take a look on those articles more thoroughly but I'm also sceptical whether getting an i3 or Pentium would be of much benefit as well...


From what I've gathered, the 5800K/6800K is about on par with i3 3xxx series? The benefit of the A10 would be they're overclockable and strong iGPUs.

If so, am I correct in taking the assumption that I'd gain better performance overclocking the A10 and doing a hybrid crossfire with a 6670? (instead of a stock i3 + 650)


well, here is a build that is aimed at your needs






asuming you already have a dvd drive lying around i didnt add it.

price is roughly $555.40 excl shipping


if you have components you can currently use (the hdd comes into mind, then i would excange the hdd with an ssd), then i can re-do the build with those spare parts in mind :)

also keep in mind a small formfactor comes with a premium, if you go for a regular desktop size it could save you well over $50


Well, like I said in my OP, don't bother with HDD, Monitors, Keyboard, etc. I have a few HDD lying around here so I'd definitely prefer getting an SSD instead. As for the case, I don't think I'd bother getting a case atm. My room is cramped and I'll be setting the system up on my open-shelf (kinda like an open test bench once completed)


Also, yeah it'd be nice to have a compact form factor. But it won't be a priority. Just that it'd be nice if I can get a good system specification that performs well and it just so happens that it's compact as well :)


You could go with the hybrid crossfire on the APU using a 6670 and reduce the cost some more. Will get you fairly solid performance.


I am considering doing using a 6670. Though after doing some digging, I found these:





As far as I'm aware, Trinity/Richland are VLIW4 based instead of GCN. How they're able to crossfire with a 7750, I have no idea. Does anyone have any idea how much of a boost I can get with a 8670D+7750 instead of say a 7660D+6770? Also, is it strictly 7750 only or can I crossfire it with a 7770 as well?



In Topic: Help on coming up with an odd yet sensible system? (I hope)

29 June 2013 - 10:17 AM

What is the total budget?


Well, I've yet to decide on a budget.. It'll really depend on how much I have on me when I do build the system:


I've no budget in mind but I guess right now I'm sure I want it under $800. The cheaper the better.


But to be more clear, I guess I'd like it to be nearer to $500. So, if possible, let's assume that the budget would be $500 just for the essentials (CPU+GPU+PSU+RAM+SSD. Coolers and etc would be tomorrow's problem) but if it's impossible to get a decent spec, shoot for $800


Thanks :cheers:


EDIT: I forgot to link to a store. Either would be fine:




And the exchange rate is US$1 = IDR 10k so $500 is IDR 5mil.

In Topic: Which combo would work better?

25 February 2013 - 11:16 AM

Agree with what ComputerEd said, you won't benefit much from the HT if your video editing activities are 'moderate'. I'd personally define moderate as a "side-job", "not rushed by deadlines"; something that you do on an on/off basis (therefore, no hardcore skills utilised, no very demanding workload). So, if you're doing 'Moderate', I'd say get an i5. If you're doing 'More than moderate', get an i7. If its your whole life (24/7 rendering & editing), get a 2011 X79 system (i7 3820 or even a 3930K). It really depends on what you do and how you do them.


If you won't overclock, ever, you have no use of the K SKUs (and that NH-D14. No overclock = better stick with stock or Low Profile coolers). But a quick search reveals that the i5 3450 is ~$30 cheaper, while the 3570 is ~$15 cheaper. At those prices (and if I have the money to spare), I'd get a 3570K in a heartbeat. Doesn't really burn your pocket that much; better stock performance and, most of all, a chance to overclock. Its your choice really, but when you look at the prices, it's hard to justify getting a 3450/3570 over a 3570K unless you're on a "stick tightly to budget" policy. I'd personally say get a K SKU if you're looking for an i5/i7 CPU (again, if you have money to spare).


Now, I always believe that you're wasting good resources if you go and buy a K SKU but get a Board with no proper equipment for overclocking (bad phase design, no cooling on VRMs, those things). So I honestly think that you shouldn't choose your first option. It's an ASUS board all right, but you'd really need something "beefier" than that for an overclocked IvyBridge CPU IMO. Quick search on 3570K + Sabertooth Z77 cost ~$550, so why not compromise? Get a 3770K for 330 + a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H for $188? A great performing board, an i7 and a good price.

At this point, any 'high(er)-end' board would be good for you. IMO generally speaking, "high(er)-end boards from ASUS (the likes of "-V", "-V Pro", "Sabertooth", "ROG"), Gigabyte (anything with an "X" ending on the chipset, e.g Z77X-UD3H) , ASRock (Anything denoting with "Extreme" or "Fatal1ty") or MSI (Those board with a "G", e.g Z77A-GD65) usually have no noticeable difference in performance at stock. When you overclock them, some will be able to go higher, some with better voltage, etc; but clock-for-clock, they all perform very similarly in terms of computing performance. So you really don't need to insist on hanging to a certain brand really. ASUS and Gigabyte in general provide board with excellent durability, some people are kind of avoiding ASRock & MSI (though I have no real issues after dealing with both on different systems)


Gaming, anything with a good GPU would do. This, IMO, is another reason not to overspend on a Motherboard. If you get an i5 3570K + a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H instead (~$418 instead of $530-550 for 3770K combo), you'd be able to get a HD7870 or at the very least a HD7850.



In Topic: Best Build For The Money

23 February 2013 - 11:39 PM

My recommendations:


Intel i5 3570K + G.Skill RipjawsX 8GB (2x4GB) 1600 Combo - $270.98

ASRock Z77 Extreme4 - $124.99

Sapphire HD7870 GHz Ed - $219.99 ($204.99 after $15 MIR)

Seagate Barracuda 2TB $104.99

OCZ Vertex4 128GB - $109.99

Antec EarthWatts Green 650W - $79.99


Total: ~$911 ($896 after MIR)


At this point, you should also invest in some good CPU coolers. You're buying an Unlocked SKU and a capable Motherboard after all, kinda wasted if you don't overclock your CPU sometime in the future. Something like this or this should prep you nicely (I prefer the later)



In Topic: New system for rendering/storage

18 February 2013 - 10:30 PM

1. Yes it does. IIRC it'll use the 140mm fan mounts on top.

2. Not sure, but likely yes. There's a video in youtube showing how to mount a H100 below those 2x200mm fans, not sure if it'll work on the H100i. Won't really affect CPU temps IMO whether or not you decide to use the 140s + 200s or just the 140s. A radiator would need a fan that pushes more static pressure while a case fan usually pushes more airflow and less static pressure.