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29 June 2009 - 11:04 PM

Hello guyz. I need some expert advice about fsb:dram ratio im currently @ 3.2 Ghz 1333 fsb ( 337 x 9.5) 1.186v. Its pretty stable havent experienced any BSOD's yet. However i always find overclocking guides

saying that fsb:dram ratio is always best at 1:1 but im using ddr2 800 thats why i need 400 fsb to achieve 1:1 atm im at 5:6 ratio. My question is will i gain anything by adjusting my OC to 400x8 which is the same

but will give me 1:1 ratio and another question is which part will heat up when i raise the front side bus to 1600 the chipset or the procie? and will raising 1600 fsb need another raise in voltage? im srry for the

newbie question i just want my oc just to be stable and correct. thx