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I made an Alarm clock for Grins.

02 March 2016 - 09:08 PM

I made it out of a rattle reel and an older style bell alarm clock. So I guess I didn't "Make" the clock part of it as much as I just ripped it apart and change how it works. The video shows how to make it from start to finish. 


This will probably interest the fishermen here more than most people but if the other people would throw me a like on this video or subscribe it would help me a lot. I'm gonna make more video's but for now this is it.


Not begging but the community here has always been good to me so I figured I would start with my friends. Oh and I video taped it was a potato... soooo yeah.



Comments and Suggestions would be great. I know I need to use a better camera but I thought about that way after I started.

Time again to do some really dumb TIM testing.

19 May 2015 - 09:56 PM

It has been quiet around here and I think we need a bit of a shake up so here is the plan.

I need suggestions once again for thermal compound substitutes. For the times you need thermal goop, but all you can find is everything else. From tooth paste to Elmer's glue and back again are all on the table. Peunutbutter too :D

As always, bodily fluids, secretions, and other bodily things are off the table. I am still unwilling to cook poop with a computer. Petroleum based products are off the table this round as well.

Don't worry, I am a professional and I have done this before.http://forums.overcl...u-in-my-peanut/
The tests are going to be on an i5 750 overclocked to 4.1GHZ.

Xeon X3460 in GA-P55A-UD3?

12 May 2015 - 06:18 AM

Firstly, x34XX are i7 8XX for WAY less money than i7 8XX are going for. $50-$80 compared to $100-$200

Secondly, I want to stretch my P55 platform a little farther, the old girl is showing her age lately.


I am thinking of picking up a X3460 for my GA p55a ud3 rev 1 and I am not seeing it on the supported processors list but will it work?


All I can find is the 3480 and 3450. http://www.gigabyte....p.aspx?pid=3242


I wouldn't mind a 3450 because they are much cheaper than a 860 but the lower max multiplier might be a deal breaker as my MOBO doesn't do more than 196mhz on the FSB (atleast with my current i5).

I want the 3460 specifically for the ability to lock in a 21-22 multiplier while the 3450 maxes out at 20 according to spec. My current i5 750 will do 21 on the multiplier and 196mhz on the FSB giving me 4.11ghz. I would rather have a 22 or better multiplier for some flexibility. 


Thoughts, concerns, and interesting bellybutton-lint story's are all welcome.

The 00FF00

07 May 2015 - 05:23 PM

Green is the idea #00FF00 being the hex code for Lime specifically.

Anyways, it is the rig listed under "Parents" in my sig and I think it turned out pretty nice. The pictures don't do the smoked panel justice either, mostly because I couldn't get a good shot of it outside.





How did I miss the fan wire going over the RAM until after I came inside?



17 April 2015 - 05:35 PM