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#2053279 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Posted by _TheAlexO on 01 October 2012 - 07:48 PM

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haha :P

#2047228 The War Z - Zombie Survival MMO

Posted by _TheAlexO on 30 August 2012 - 09:48 AM

I just hope looks different from DayZ.. that looks terribly booring and big open spaces with repetitive buildings... and zombies moving in fast forward ^^ i dont know why people like that mod^^


#2043772 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Posted by _TheAlexO on 13 August 2012 - 04:56 PM

Been modding the heck out of this lately. Here are some screenshots

#2017057 Crysis 3

Posted by _TheAlexO on 11 April 2012 - 07:43 AM

I don't know why I don't count that as a story... I prefer 2 more... I wonder what 3 will be like :) Thanks goodness Crytek isn't owned by EA...

Maybe we'll get some answers, I assume the Assimilation will help with that respect...


well, they ruined the first game with the second (terrible console port nonsense), so I have no doubt they will continue ruining the franchise.

#2015658 BF3 gif that I saw

Posted by _TheAlexO on 05 April 2012 - 06:21 PM

I doubt Valve really gives two .*s if they have BF3 or not. It's the users that want it. The people that don't want anything to do with Origin.

I'm sure Valve would LOVE to have 11+ million users on steam actually.

Seriously, i think i must be missing something. :unsure:
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Thats not funny. And its BF3 why is the steam logo pasted on it?

dude.... :wallbash: :erm: :mfp: :doh: :blink:

#2000873 Dan's Computer News Updates and Stuff...

Posted by _TheAlexO on 13 February 2012 - 08:15 AM

This thread has turned into Dan posting random tech-ish related links lol :D

#1981310 For all the would be software pirates.

Posted by _TheAlexO on 16 December 2011 - 11:10 PM

Bottom line; The Witcher 2 is an incredible game that deserves every sale it might of possibly lost due to pirates.

#1975587 850w Enough?

Posted by _TheAlexO on 30 November 2011 - 08:53 AM

6200 for physx? That won't work.

#1965909 The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

Posted by _TheAlexO on 24 October 2011 - 07:56 PM

OCC BF3 Platoon. Join it

#1961950 [FREE] Who wants a copy of Metro 2033?

Posted by _TheAlexO on 11 October 2011 - 07:52 AM

Feeling generous. First 15 people to respond to this post gets put in the drawing, I'll select randomly :D :D

If you don't win, it's ok, this thing is only $5 on steam right now :P at least for another hour or so

#1958428 The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

Posted by _TheAlexO on 27 September 2011 - 07:57 AM

Make sure you update your drivers to the special beta drivers from AMD and Nvidia

#1955975 [Deal] $28 Starcraft 2 @ Target B&M

Posted by _TheAlexO on 16 September 2011 - 08:16 AM

Why is this game still at $60? It doesn't make any sense!

#1926669 Talk about guts.

Posted by _TheAlexO on 24 May 2011 - 03:25 PM

Religion :mfp: :pfp:

#1858323 "PCs Are NOT Gaming Consoles!! PC "gaming" is a ca

Posted by _TheAlexO on 25 October 2010 - 11:11 PM

heres what i sent them in a private message. its crazy long

just a response to your PC cancer video
this thing is too long to post. so ill just send it to you. read the whole thing.

You got to be kidding me "The Truth" and "Wilover07"

You two know absolutely nothing.

1) You say we dont have God of War and Uncharted on a PC. But neither does Xbox 360, does that mean xbox 360/wii arent gaming consoles either. Point is, every console including PC have their own exclusives. PC's have an exponentially larger list of exclusives than all of your consoles combined.. idiots.

2)You say we're limited by the mouse? please make another video explaining this. because i have much better movement/control with my mouse then i do with a slow joystick on a controller. also you classy lady about pressing buttons on a keyboard...what do you think your doing on a controller? pressing a bunch of buttons. on my keyboard i use the same amount of buttons than you do on a console. mine are just placed more strategically. idiots

3) Nobody says a graphing calculator is a gaming console. dumbasses. You can play music and videos as well as get on facebook and do plenty of other things on a xbox,ps3,wii, so does that mean those arent gaming consoles either? idiots

4)That dumbass in the Orange shirt got it right. he said PC's are "always evolving" thank you for that. Thats what makes this platform so great. Developers can always implement make their games better because their platform is becoming better and better. The current gen consoles (xbox,wii,ps3) are VERY limited in what they can do because they are the same thing from launch till death. idiots

5) Back before this current gen of consoles, PC gamers were receiving FREE updates/Maps. Now we're all having to pay for these updates because you stupid console gamers keep gobbling up $15 map packs. idiots

6) You may be right on one thing. Your so ignorant and just plain stupid that we probably CANT convince you that console gaming = bad, PC gaming = good. and thats fine by me, that means your stupidity wont take up any slots on our dedicated lag free servers. idiots

7)nobody wants to play PC games with a controller. One of the biggest upsides to gaming on my "personal console" (lol) is that i get to use my mouse/keyboard. it isnt genre limiting, it expands the possibilities. Look at Mass Effect 1 and 2. the UI (thats User Interface , for you two) is completely whacked out on the xbox 360 because they are so limited by the controller so they have to make a cumbersome Wheel.(just one example of many) idiots

8) Console gamers dont have to buy extra .? extra controllers, wireless adapters for $80!!! (xbox), batteries/recharge docks, higher priced games, xbox live, psn + (not necessary tho), and im sure there are others im forgetting. idiots.

9) Your saying Open World games are stupid? I can understand that coming from you. You two obviously dont agree with platform freedom. which is why your on a restricted console. which is why you dont like open world games. you like to be spoon fed, you wouldnt like to have to actually think to complete a game. idiots.

10)Nobody says THE SIMS is HARDCORE!! i do not understand how you can just make this . up. its amazing. So becuase 7 million people have been playing WoW for years and years, that means its not real gaming. So your saying we should just play a game for a few months then get rid of it? PC gamers are very loyal, nothing wrong with that. idiots.

11 and final) PC gaming is all FPS, RTS, and RPS.. okay, what does that leave you console gamers? hmm. . Simulators? no thats PC. Adventure , no thats PC. Strategy, no thats PC as well. Doesnt leave you with very many options. idiots.

Please post a follow up video to that but this time try to have valid points and actually make sense.
Stop being so ignorant. do some research. stay off of PC servers please. good day

sucks to suck.. idiots

#1854531 leaked 6870 photo and info

Posted by _TheAlexO on 09 October 2010 - 10:19 AM


another leaked photo for the 6870 . shows 2 x dvi , 1 x hdmi, and 2 x mini - display port. oh and it looks sweet! :P