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Corsair HX750W PSU $99.99 + free shipping

19 November 2010 - 08:55 AM

The Egg has got the Corsair HX-750W Power Supply for $149.99 - $30.00 instant rebate - $20.00 MIR for a total cost of $99.99 + Free Shipping. :O

Good until Sunday night 11-21-10

*UNOFFICIAL* OCC [email protected] Contest

14 November 2010 - 09:03 AM

OCC's Folding Team (12772) has a little over 1500 members, but the active roster is getting kinda slim these days so maybe a small incentive will help get a few more folders active.

Ok, up for grabs are two video cards (SEE BELOW FOR PRIZES), an EVGA 8800GT and an EVGA GTS250.
The 8800GT gets about 4,000 PPD, and the GTS250 brings in about 6,000 PPD, so they're still worth doing a little folding with, especially since they will be shipped to you free of charge just for folding for a few weeks.
All that is required for a chance to win a free video card is to be an OCC member (easy to join if your not a member, PLEASE specify your location) and active OCC (Team 12772) Folder for 4 weeks between 11/20/10 and 12/17/10.

EDIT: El Capitan, Waterhazard and Hornybluecow have generously added to the prize pool (see below). El Capitan has also stated that he is willing to ship one overseas or Canada (if needed), SO, no more US only restriction, ALL folders welcome, near and far. Thanks, El Capitan, Waterhazard and Hornybluecow!

Prize pool: Grand prize: 2 EVGA GTS250's and SLI bridge (Cont US)

- SpeedCrazy

Second prize: 1 MSI GTS250 (available to ship anywhere)

- TheWacoKid

Third prize: 1 9800gx2 (missing cover but still a great card, US)

- InCrysis

Fourth prize: 1 EVGA 8800GT (Cont US only)

- Camaro_Dude15

Fifth prize: Thermalright True rev C 1366 cpu cooler (US only)

- Slick2500

Sixth prize: Mystery Power Supply (UK only shipping)

- ?, any UK folders let me know

Seventh prize: Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer CPU Cooler (US)

- Renigade

[color="#FFA500"][size="6"][size="4"][font="Times New Roman"] The ONLY prize eligible for Canadian/International shipping is the MSI GTS250, also the Mystery PSU will be UK only, if this changes I will post it.

[center]The names of all active folders for the time specified will be placed in a hat and seven names will be picked out. The winners will be posted the night of 12/18/10 and notified via: PM/Email.
That's it, wish it could be more but that's all I've got right now. These are good used cards and this is a personal contest and not sponsored by OCC.

Prizes supplied by: RJR: (1) EVGA GTS250 (1) EVGA 8800GT
El Capitan: (1) EVGA GTS250 (1) MSI GTS250 (1) SLI Bridge
Water Hazard: (1) 9800gx2
Hornybluecow: (1) Thermalright True rev C 1366 Cooler
Paulktreg: (1) Mystery Power Supply
The Hippi: (1) Core Contact Freezer Cooler

Keep Folding and good luck.

Intel has upped the i5/i7 VTT voltage

26 June 2010 - 01:56 PM

Don't know if you guy's have heard (I just found out today) that Intel has upped the VTT voltage (absolute max) of the i5/i7 8xx series processors to 1.4v in a June revision of the data sheet.
Sorry if it's old news or been discovered already here at OCC, I've been almost following the 1.21v prior threshold and now I'm glad I don't have to worry anymore about exceeding an absolute max. :)

Folding contest can bring some big points gains

20 November 2009 - 09:04 AM

Other teams are buying points with contests and giveaways and this seems to work pretty darn good.

I'm not trying to say OCC needs or has to do any contest, but as an example The Hardware Canucks is just finishing up a GTX285 giveaway and their output jumped 250K PPD because of it.

Seeings how OCC is barely holding it's ground right now (3 months will be dropping 2 spots, 6 months 2 more), might be something to consider.
I see RR is back folding for OCC :) , which of course is a very good thing, but even with his massive PPD output we could still use a boost.

Bad News For LGA-1156 Foxconn Socket Users

10 November 2009 - 08:57 AM

Sorry ScapeGoat, but since I have a P55 when I see something like this "news article" stating it's getting worse, I get a little nervous. I just checked every rating on the Egg to see if in fact anyone is having a problem with burned sockets/processors and couldn't find ONE person on ANY board that has had this problem. That makes me feel a little bit better seeing they sell quite a few boards. Thanks for scaring me :P