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#1879273 Horrible flooding in Australia

Posted by Boinker on 10 January 2011 - 11:29 PM


#1869283 Special build for oldest brother

Posted by Boinker on 07 December 2010 - 05:18 PM

About 2 weeks ago my Father commissioned me to build a computer for my brother. The build will revolve around him going through collage and being able to game at a more enjoyable level. There is more that goes into that story, I will get to that later though. Enjoy the show :popcorn:

Lets start out with the components.
Processor: Core I5-650 Clarksdale Dual core 3.20 Ghz w/ Hyperthreading
Main-board: Msi H55M-ED55 Socket 1156
Memory: Corsair XMP DDR3-1600 @ cas 8 (2x2GB Kit)
Hard drive: Western digital Black 500 gig 32 cache
Video card: EVGA GTX470 SE edition
Cooling Fan: Scythe little Shuriken rev. B
Disk Drive: Lite-On 24x DVD-R-W CD-R-W SATA drive
O.S.: Windows 7 Professional Full edition 64bit
Power supply: Corsair Professional 80 plus gold certified AX850
Case: Lian Li PC-V354 Black brushed aluminum case
Screen: Asus 25 inch 1920-1080p HDMI monitor (with functional built in speakers)
Keyboard: Adesso USB wired Mini Workstation Keyboard w/ integrated touch pad.

Roughly $1600 USD spent

Now here is the Kicker. All this stuff showed up at about 6:30 P.M. Central time on Monday, my brother is an avid Wow player, cataclysm comes out in five and a half hours and he is curious if I can get it done in time. May the madness begin.

Here is everything less the keyboard being shown. Lots of goodies on this table and yes I took the time to take some pictures.
Posted Image

After getting everything out of the box and consulting man well It was time to do some stability testing and get the operating system up and running.
Posted Image

Now that everything works as it should It was time for it to go into said case. I didn't take pictures of the madness taking place as yes... It was maddening to wire this "over-sized HTPC case" with decent wire management and without taking a hammer too it.

About 15 cable tie mounting plates, 20 cable ties, a bunch of bruises on my hand and a fair share of trial and error. So in some sort of slang that would come from top gear, I present to you a mini cooper.... WITH A V12.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

There it is for My brother to enjoy. Only Draw back is he is having trouble getting used to how large the screen is. Hope you all enjoyed the build log.

Which brings me to my next part that I promised I would explain later. The reason for the Odd Style of keyboard and the case set-up is my brother has been handicapped by a vehicle accident when he was seventeen. The accident left him in a wheel chair with no to little dexterity in in his hands. That being said he cannot use a mouse properly or effectively and that has bound him to a laptop computer for the past 5 years. I'm glad that while surfing one day I stumbled upon this keyboard as it has now effectively allowed my brother to play these games at a more then decent. that being said even the case plays a good roll in that aspect as all the buttons are soft touch and the case is lower so he can actually now put a cd-rom into the drive without help. That alone makes this build special in my mind and is sure to stick with me for a very long time. Hope you all enjoyed the log.

#1864790 Water Cooling Help

Posted by Boinker on 21 November 2010 - 10:45 AM

Sure. Give me a few minutes and I will Create an est for you on a set-up that is close to mine.
I shall put the links in the product name. All components will be from either Petra's tech shop or Frozen CPU if I can help it.

For a Pump I would recommend this pump Swiftech MCP655 pump @ $78

For the res personal preference plays a role, I have found that the XSPC res works the best in the haf $50.00
Though in the same token you could run one of these or something like it internal or external. Ek Res X2 100 $35.00

Next were going to need some tubing. Normally its this 1/2id - 3/4od $0.79 per foot.
Or you can go with some surgical grade tubing like this @ $3.25 a foot
And dont forget something to clamp the tubes with herdie clip's @ $0.30 each
The choice id yours as far as tubing goes. you can get colored or clear and I normally get about ten feet and ten clips so I have plenty.

Next is the radiator. Everyone has an opinion about what works best, I have had both these radiators and they work wonderfully.
You can put a 3x120 radiator in all haf systems so to start I would go with The swiftech MCR-320 $50.00
I'm not sure if this radiator will fit in the new HAF-X but this Triple radiator @ $85.00 is what i use

OK now you will need some fans for that rad. Use some decent 120x25's above 60cfm for the XSPC Triple radiator and use some preferably above 80CFM for the swiftech radiator, you could also go with 120x32, 34 or 38's if you want even more cooling . Cooler master, Scythe, Yate loon, Delta, silverstone, and Noctua make good quality fans. were going to put about $30-50 in for the fan budget depending on what you want to spend.

Last but likely most important you will need a water-block for the chip. You can extend the loop to a video card or two, but I would recommend for now keeping it simple and just doing the processor. I recommend the Swiftech Apogee XT @ $70.00
If you use an AMD chip Don't fret, they make a plate for it that works well for ten bucks and for socket 775 too
This is a controversial area in cooling, I recommend this block for its performance and extremely good quality of craftsmanship.
There are other block manufactures. If swiftech is not for you I would look to Koolance, danger den or EK.

Last but not least you will need some water and biocide. I would use Walmart either PT Nuke or Silver kill coil. If you want the water to have pretty colors then see this page Coolant additives

I typically do not run the factory barbs that come with the components above. I use these @ $3.25 a pair. With the set-up above you would need 3 packs unless you want to run the factory sent clamps with the components.

That leaves us Between $270 and $400 depending on how you want to set it up.... I almost forgot how expensive it can get. this should get you going or at least give you a good foot hold on what you want.

For a reference this is what my loop looks like right now. :D good luck and enjoy.

#1864736 Is Bulldozer worth waiting for?

Posted by Boinker on 21 November 2010 - 01:19 AM

I would if you really really really want a new platform but IMHO I would wait for sandy bridge and Bulldozer to come out before getting a new set-up. then after that if both chip manufactures flop then you can get the 1090T without guilt. :D

#1850725 If you don't understand things don't say anything about them.

Posted by Boinker on 23 September 2010 - 08:36 PM

Just like one guy telling me at a supposedly reputable computer store that the difference between a phenom and a Intel core I7 is nothing and A GTX480 (and I quote) "Will Not under any circumstances consume in excess of 200 Watts".... :rofl:
Or there is that famous Question that they all Ask..... "Why in Gods name would you need that Kind of computing Power".... that's usually followed by because I can. :lol:

Its funny what people will say, no wonder those two were barely making over min wage.

#1842945 Why overclock?

Posted by Boinker on 23 August 2010 - 07:06 PM

"I do it Because I can, and I enjoy it".... That is all anyone ever needs to justify. That is what I usually tell people when they try to understand why I overclock or do anything that I do.

Same reason why I race R/C cars. See above reason.

#1838874 Pondering Water Cooling

Posted by Boinker on 11 August 2010 - 02:46 PM

For the most part if your looking into an I7 and cooling a you under the same radiator then I would recommend using the larger rad that I posted earlier, it got reviewed on a water cooling. It got good marks and tradeS blows with the more expensive fesser radiators. The swiftech pump I mentioned does well with that rad but the yes I posted is a pain to bled with a high volume pump. You can go really either way with that rad. Quiet or loud.

#1838660 Pondering Water Cooling

Posted by Boinker on 10 August 2010 - 07:24 PM

Money saved Jerry rigging a watercooling system... 205 dollars

Watching a two thousand dollar system go up in flames, posting it on occ, and being an attraction of sympathy for a day.... Priceless.

Do it right the First time and you will never regret it. You do not have to use the same components I do... Its just what I recommend

My set-up

Surgical Grade tubing 8FT: $26.00
Herbee Clips X10: $3.00
Fluid additives: PT nuke and pen g11: $8.00
Swiftech Miro res Version 2: $25.00
Water block Swiftech Appogee XT: $80.00
XSPC RX360 Triple 120mm Radiator: $95.00
MCP655 Inline 12V Variable speed pump: $80.00
Distilled water from Walmart: $5.00
Fans: $40 <---- this number would depend on you.

Total: $362.00

The set-up Posted above is no slouch... And they are defiantly worth it. :D

Good luck and hope you can join us in the Wet cooled world.

#1830408 OCing 955 8)

Posted by Boinker on 15 July 2010 - 07:53 PM

How Hot is the chip under load with the stress tester? If your not above 55C yet I would give it somemore Juice and see if its stable.

Try upping your North-bridge voltage to 1.20-1.26 and moving your NB Frequency to 2200-2400. (make sure its not getting too hot under stress testing)
You could also be running into memory situations, Try to move the voltage up .100 at the most.

And yes if none of that works and you have temperatures ok move it up to 1.475 - 1.500