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FS: Dual core Opteron system

10 October 2006 - 06:41 PM

AMD DUAL CORE Opteron 170 (2.0ghz dual core + 1mb l2 cache x 2, zalman cpu cooler, can hit 2.7ghz stable/core)
DFI Ultra D motherboard (enthusiast mobo, 100's of tweak settings)
2GB G.skill ddr500 memory (2x1gb sticks dual channel, low latency, can hit ddr560)
EVGA 256mb 7900gt video card (zalman vga cooler)
WD 250gb sata2 16mb hard drive (fast + lots of storage)
Soundblaster X-fi soundcard (awesome quality sound- gaming, multimedia, etc)
OCZ 520w Powerstream PSU (power anything you need + 5 yr warranty)
Lian Li PC-V1000B+ case (sleek, black, aluminum case, great design and stylish)
Asus dvd drive (quiettrack)
Pioneer DVD+-RW Dual layer (+- media, very fast and error free burns)
Zalman fan speed controller (compromise between quietness and temps)
Lian-Li temperature monitor (monitor your temperatures from an lcd screen)
Uv blue sleeved PSU (lots of hours have been spent customizing this case)
Uv blue sleeved all internal wires in case
UV blue sata, ide cables, etc
Blue led fans on CPU cooler (zalman), GPU cooler (zalman), memory cooler (crab) and intake/exhaust fans.
Way too many things to list in customization. Comes with tons of extra cables and parts and all the parts that came originally with each individual component.

$1400 (+ exact shipping if out of deliverable area) via cash or money order. my paypal is down right now cuz they have a bunch of halfwits working in their customer service department.
ebay: l337_furniture
heat: zeimbo
computer is in san diego near SDSU area. spent nearly $3000 on this computer about 6 monthes ago. all high end and warrantied components that were NOT purchased at frys. everything performing speedily and flawlessly. i have 2 computers, dont game or do multimedia as much as i used to so this has to go. this computer turns all the heads at lan parties and really glows vibrant blue in the dark. im sure you all know how sweet the system is- its been a while since ive logged on here but i need this thing gone to finish out my car project. if you pay for shipping, ill also include a logitech keyboard, logitech g7 cordless laser mouse, and klipsch 2.1 computer speakers + a bunch of misc stuff/extras for the computer. hard drive will be freshly formatted with no o/s. the 3dmark scores in my sig are with some oldschool drivers, im sure the card can get much better scores with updated drivers. and also, the raptor x's are NOT included. thanks. brian @ 619.892.1672 or [email protected]

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DD Full Watercooling setup *NEW*

13 April 2006 - 01:30 PM

Brand new entire watercooling setup. I was going to go watercooling but I dont have the balls to try and drill holes in my $250 Lian-li case. I wish I wouldve realized this or thought about it more before I ordered everything. It has been sitting here for about 2 monthes and nothing has been used at all. Everything is 1/2" ID fitting and I believe that the tubing is 5/8" OD but I'm not sure. I went with 1/2" cuz of its better cooling potential. Everything was bought brand new online, I believe I spent roughly $350+ as well as tax and shipping.

Thermochill PA120.1 radiator
Danger Den D5 12v pump
Danger Den TDX Copper w/Lucite top for AMD64 754/939/940
Danger Den Maze4 Acetal Lowpro w/6xxx & 7xxx mounting brackets
20' Tygon Anti-Kink tubing
Typhoon Dual 5 1/4" UV Blue reservoir
PA120.1 radiator shroud
Swiftech MCB-120 Radbox external radiator mounting kit
2x Thermaltake 120mm blue led fans w/3 pin connectors
2x 32oz Primochill ICE UV Blue NON-Conductive Fluid
2x rolls teflon tape
10x steel hose clamps
10x blue plastic hose clamps
16x Zalman BGA Ramsinks
miscellaneous fittings and adapters and elbows

I'm asking for $320 SHIPPED for everything. I dont want to part this out because I dont want to be stuck with anything afterwards. Some of the things have been assembled as I was going to put them in a leak testing loop, but after getting some quotes to get holes drilled professionally, I decided that my Zalman 9500 and Zalman VF-700 are going to have to work for now even tho my temps arent where I would like them. I would imagine that under full load, temps would never get higher than 35C with this kinda setup but thats just my opinion. Feel free to make me trade offers as the worst I can say is no.

Heatware (couple of feedbacks): Zeimbo
Ebay (295+ 100% positive feedbacks): Chop_Wood

Any questions, best way to get me is email:

I am located in San Diego, CA so local pickup is definitely possible. If I cant sell this then I will just end up listing it on Ebay and see what I can get for it there. I can take pics upon request but you can look online and see what everything looks like pretty much from the pictures. Thanks for looking


AXP 1800+ DLT3C & 9800SE

17 March 2006 - 03:28 AM

I acquired this processor in a trade and decided that I dont need to build a 3rd rig because I can use my 2nd rig as a server or whatever if need be. I also dont want to go to the trouble of finding an nf2 dfi board and buying a case, etc. so I just decided to sell this off as well as my 9800SE that I got in the trade as well. This is the oldschool original proc known to hit 2.5ghz. The exact stepping is AXDA1800DLT3C JIXIB 0346MPMW
the guy I got the proc from is a good friend and I know he doesnt know how to overclock at all. Ive never even posted this processor but it was pulled from the working system. I can take pics if you want cuz Im not too familiar with the athlon XP's. Im asking for $50 shipped .. CPU IS SOLD!

Sapphire 9800SE 128mb 256bit -> 9800PRO
for sale here I have a Sapphire 9800SE that I got in a trade, unfortunately I have nothing with an AGP slot lol. It is 128mb but it is 256bit and has the L-shaped memory that is known to flash to a 9800Pro and usually overclock to a 9800XT. I was going to put together an Athlon XP rig but realized that I've got enough money/time invested in my 2 main rigs and that I can always use my secondary as a server if I need to cuz of the speed and storage space. The guy I got the card from is a good friend of mine (local trade) and the card was used by him for about 7 monthes, NEVER OVERCLOCKED. he doesnt even know what a fsb is or core speed. The card was never used by me, only installed on a friends computer for a few minutes to guarantee functionality and check for artifacts; card functions flawlessly and had ZERO artifacts during 01, 03 and 05 benchmarks. I dont remember the scores because this was a few weeks ago but it got pretty awesome framerates in everything. Dual display- 1 DVI + 1 VGA, you know what this card is about.
Asking $60 shipped SOLD!

accepting trades as well..
mainly looking for:
OCZ VX or other 250mhz memory
PS one LCD's
F.E.A.R. game with unused serial
Trick keyboard
Power supplies (500W+ I add $)

heat under: zeimbo
ebay under: chop_wood

FS: Opteron 148 CABNE0528GPMW

02 January 2006 - 12:22 PM

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Up for grabs we have my AMD Opteron 148 CABNE0528GPMW 2.2ghz Cpu. I just ordered my 170 today so this baby must go in order to pay for it. Ive had this processor for a little over 2 monthes and I am the original purchaser. If youre reading this, you know that this processor needs no introduction or description really. I mean come on now, this is the king, the CABNE0528GPMW is the rarest/best stepping you can get for an Opteron. And with AMD discontinuing the sales of their 939pin Opty's, this baby is going to be nearly extinct here soon. Because Ive been burned in the past, I only guarantee this processor NOT to be DOA and to run at its rated speed of 2.2ghz. Any other warranty is through AMD and its partners. I will say that I have had this at 2.9ghz (290x10) 1:1 with my Patriot Tccd without a hiccup, and it would do 3.1ghz (310x10) 1:1 with it but it required more voltage (1.616ish) to get there, putting my temps higher than I like (low 50's aircooled). The IHS has NEVER been removed so its still under its full warranty. Now lets get down to business..

Questions: [email protected]
Payment: Paypal (preferred), Certified Money Orders and Bank Checks (must clear first)
Feedback: ebay under (joint account with brother): chop_wood
(my account): l337_furniture
PRICE: SOLD- gg extreme lowballing nubs shipped USPS 1st class within the lower 48 (OEM, or $20 more for AMD HS&fan shipped with it) will ship internationally as well, quotes upon request.
If you think my price is high, feel free to offer up (lowballs are cool too) as the worst I can say is 'No'. However, these have been selling on Ebay for between $420-$480 PLUS shipping, so I just thought that Id put it out here if anyone was looking for one, before selling it on Ebay.

[Space reserved for a pic]
Also for sale, my 1gb (2x512mb matched pair) of Patriot PC4800 Lifetime warranty ram. Red, ventilated heatspreaders designed to aid with air flow and cooling efficiency. These are genuine Tccd modules rated to run at DDR400 2-2-2-5 @2.6v or DDR600 2.5-4-4-8 @ 2.8v . Ive owned these for about 2 1/2 monthes now and couldnt be happier with them, unfortunately I need 2x1GB sticks to satisfy my rendering, gaming, aesthetic (tracer led), and everyday needs. They are warranted to run at DDR600 speed which means you can RMA them if they do not run at that speed, hence why i bought them. They retail for about $180ish plus tax plus shipping. Ive hit up to 312 (312x10 1:1 with my 148 CABNE0528) and they memtest all day and all night at that speed, but may be able to go higher. I didnt push them above that because i like to maintain 1:1 ratio and my cpu temps/voltage were higher than my liking. Unfortunately, do to the sensitive nature of the art of overclocking, I can only guarantee them NOT to be DOA and run at their rated speed. All other warranties are held through the manufacturer and must be dealt with through them.

Questions: [email protected]
Payment: Paypal (preferred), Certified Money Orders and Bank Checks (must clear first)
Feedback: ebay under (joint account with brother): chop_wood
(my account): l337_furniture
If you think my price is high, feel free to offer up (lowballs are cool too) as the worst I can say is 'No'.

500W Ultra X-Connect Modular UV

20 November 2005 - 11:06 AM

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Here is my 500W Ultra X-Connect UV Modular PSU. It was used for a little over 3 monthes but it does have a few small scratches on its underbelly. Other than that, its been nothing but rock solid and havent had any issues with it. I've even got the upgraded 24pin plug as well as the 20 and also the Sata power cables. It looks nice and the UV cabling is sweet. I already sold the case that it was in (Tsnuami Dream) and I picked up an OCZ modstream from my friends dad's shop because he gave it to me at cost so now this one is just lying around. They retail for about $100 new without any of the upgraded cables, Im asking for $75 shipped.. If you dont know anything about it, some guy did a review on it..


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NOTE: The pic on display is not of my actual powersupply, but thats what it looks like. I can take pics if neccessary.