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doctor bowtie!

17 May 2008 - 08:40 PM

Hope you're still around and able to read my PM before the board goes under.

It's sinking. :(

the works, q6600 and what you see around it

06 April 2008 - 07:45 PM


The CPU under the waterblock is a q6600 SL9UM MALAY L6407170. does 3.2 here, 3.35 on a p5b deluxe and 3.52 on a p5k deluxe. Since I booted the abit a total of five times I never really bothered finding a max OC on that board but I did spend months with the p5k.

$150 shipped

The waterblock on it is some danger den .. I don't remember the model and don't feel like searching.

$30 shipped and it would include those sick clamps on it.

The PSU you see going to it is a thermaltake 500w. thermaltake usually sucks cock. this surprised me. I'm not saying it's awesome but on my main PC(see sig), I could rape it, video encoding with a game running across separate drives and it STAYED QUIET! and got 12.01v on the 12v rail with my multimeter. Just for having the name thermaltake on it I feel bad charging real money for the ..

$35 shipped

the g.skill memory is 2.2-2.3v, ddr1000, 4-4-4-12 rated. YOU MUST HAVE crappy MEMORY TO USE THIS! you have to boot up with some crap that works at 1.8v and stock settings, then set your board to 2.2, then put these sticks in. this is the case for 99.9% of all boards out there.

$55 shipped.

help me price out potential system sale

01 April 2008 - 08:47 PM

I am not sure if I am going to sell this, it depends on what I could get for it. I am not saying "it is for sale, tell me a price", but rather, what seems fair for this?

I have a q6600, a b3, that is a year old. it can do 3.52 GHz on an asus p5k deluxe with my sick cooling, my g0 does 3.92. this does 3.2 or so in the abit ip35 board I'd sell it with.

I probably have no accessories or box for the board. I'd sell it with some danger den CPU waterblock, 2 gigs of g.skill 4-4-4-12 pc8000 memory, and a thermaltake 500w PSU.

Laugh at the TT, I would too. but it's not only silent at any power level, but worked on the 3.92 GHz quad core for video encoding while working on music on another drive, it has 7 drives and all the pci slots full.

I've also got an ATI radeon x300se(TOTAL piece of .) with a passive cooler on it. it never gets warm to the touch, even in the summer playing a game. vga and dvi-d.

I was hoping altogether this shizzle could be worth $350-$450. I haven't turned this machine on for months, except for one time to try to load OSX86 on it. I have no need for quad cores in my house anymore, much less two. It's just stupid to have stuff sitting here that's worth money while I watch it depreciate..

Am I crazy?

30 March 2008 - 08:13 PM

I have been using logic 7, and recently logic 8 for the past year.

I want to be able to bring stuff I was working on at work home. I've tried the OSX86 thing to no end, and it just isn't going to work for me. the .'s too buggy for me to even get the OS situated so it's usable.. I'm spending more time tweaking than I am working on what I've recorded.

I was thinking of getting a macbook pro and selling one, if not both of my quad cores. I liked these machines while I had them. they were great for my purposes. I would never, ever buy a mac for what I did on these machines. I loved putting together a cheap PC and then doing CPU intensive productive stuff at 3.92 GHz on it, where I'm getting useful stuff done at a fraction of the time/price it would cost if I got a regular dell.

What I need now though is something that will work, guaranteed. If I get a tweakable computer I'll tweak it and god knows I'll never get any work done if I know I could clean this or xxxx with that in windows with a comp I built myself.

I was thinking of the macbook pro because then I could use the app I want to use, but also work on stuff at home, on the bus(maybe not on the A train at 3 AM), at work, without being stuck only working on clients' music at work's crappy setup. I could listen at home on the hi-fi I've put together in the room that is much more honest.

It seems like a good machine, decent construction with aluminum. I have this dell inspiron 8200 that weighs 9 xxxxing lbs, is plastic, and falling apart. . doesn't stay in the plastic bays, the LCD moves back and forth at any blow of air, I can't ever consider the idea of buying a plastic laptop again, especially a dell. That laptop was the worst piece of junk I ever owned. The issues with the fan mooing and the thermal paste being gobbed on seem to've been resolved with the macbooks, it's been out for almost two years so it seems to've matured.

Am I nuts for wanting an Apple comp, being a tweakhead who has been anti mac since I got my first box of parts to make a comp when I was six? I wouldn't want one for my own home project computer, but for work it seems like a stable machine, and from y experience with _proper_ OSX setups for single purpose machines, they work damn well.

[Rule 26 Pending] Looking to trade q6600 setup for macbook pro

13 January 2008 - 05:58 PM

Not the regular macbook, the one with the pcmcia shizzle.

q6600(does 3.52 GHz on a p5k, 3.2 in the abit)

2 gigs of pc8000 memory, 4-4-4-12, g.skill

abit ip35 board

3 sata drives, about 200-250 each

thermaltake 500w psu. It's the quietest I've ever heard. I got it at radioshack. It was a spare. I figured the combo of radioshack and TT would mean ., but it actually worked well enough to stay with the system.

sapphire ati x300se video card

some danger den waterblock

If someone actually takes interest I'll take pictures and get model numbers and stuff, if not no reason to take the thing apart and find all the info again.

The HDs have been run no higher than 38c and the vid card has passive cooling installed thanks to <---