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Windows XP x64

06 November 2005 - 05:00 PM

my machine BSOD's on install of x64 :( can anyone help me findout what the problem is?

oh man. its a new one for you guys

24 October 2005 - 05:36 PM

ok. i bought 2 Diamond max plus 10's and they arrived today. i wanted to setup raid. so i did. now when i try to reinstall windows. it tells me Error Loading Operating System. this is after i boot from cd and it copies all the crap to hdd. also, i have integrated my raid drivers via nlite. they are 6.66 drivers. can anyone help?


13 October 2005 - 06:02 PM

Ok. i'm having a problem deciding on whether to get SATA150 or not.

i'v always wanted to run RAID 0. but i'v never done it before. i just need some info on what i should look for or if someone can walk me thru on how to do RAID 0. i don't know if i need anything extra or if the hdd's need to be a certain kind or something.


06 October 2005 - 03:59 AM

I can't get past 230FSB. i'm not sure what else to do, at 235 it POSTs then restarts. if i set 1/01 it doesn't POST at all. i know i have to play with the voltages. i'm just not sure what i could change. atm the ratio is 9/10 someone help :(

bah. 230 doesn't work either. ran prime95 and it BSOD on me.