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In Topic: Tmod and loggan26's Bios Flash CD & Utility CDs NF/4/3/2+ATI

30 April 2006 - 03:47 PM

Enjoy your vacation tmod.

In Topic: Tmod and loggan26's Bios Flash CD & Utility CDs NF/4/3/2+ATI

26 April 2006 - 06:35 PM

Tmod got an eta on ur wonderful bios cd? i'm waiting on your cd to flash my rvraid oprom to 5.5 since 4.84 isnt' exactly stable for me.


had to update my sig.

In Topic: oh man. its a new one for you guys

24 October 2005 - 06:23 PM

you included BOTH drivers correct?

If so, I have no other ideas....other than to buy a floppy drive. I wasted like 20 cd's trying to get this to work. Then I started using a cd-rw, but the speed was slower. All together made about 25 slipstreamed disks that didn't work with the raid drivers. I tested a few of them with using the floppy to install the drivers, and everything was fine. I even tried just slipstreaming the raid drivers, with and w/o tweeks, with and w/o SP2, and still nothing. But others have had it work np. Who knows. GL.

so its probably the raid drivers? i'm not trying to install windows on my raid setup tho. also why do you ask about the cluster? wouldn't 4k be slower?

In Topic: oh man. its a new one for you guys

24 October 2005 - 06:02 PM

This isn't new!

Many have had this problem, including me. I still just use the floppy to load the drivers. I think you can create one at dfi.com using the new drivers. I made one myself, just replacing the files on the disk that came with the board, with the new ones in 6.66. Also, what cluster are you using? Because if it's anything other than 4k, other things need done....let me know.

i havn't found anyone on forums with the same problem. maybe i'm not looking deep enough. i'm using the Optimal settings and its Stripped. i'm oinly going to be using the raid setup as storage. i don't have a floppy drive. so i just integrate with nlite

In Topic: Deciding

14 October 2005 - 05:06 AM

if you plan on putting your new highspeed raid drives as your seocndary(ie D,E,F.....and so on)
then ya your fine. but whats the point. you want your raid array as your main(C Drive). thats whats gonna improve overall speed of your system for loading. and to have your OS put onto your raid array your gonna need to do it from scratch. sorry but its a necisary evil.

right now. My main OS is on the 160gb Drive which is basically empty. i'll be putting the RAID setup for storage mostly. which is why i have the 300gb HDD. but that filled up quickly. so i figure if i have 1TB of space in RAID. it'll move Nice n Fast for Storage. i can't RAID my current hdd's cuz 1 is ATA150(seagate) and the other is ATA100(WD).