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In Topic: NF4 Ultra-D> freezes in games

26 July 2005 - 01:37 PM

try two things. disable fastwrites and use PCI Latency Tool 2.3 to set your card latency to 64. use em individually and see what you get. if you can just use the PCI Latency Tool option then great. if you have to disable fastwrites you should still use the Tool to lower you latency. smoothed games out for me.

Fastwrites what is that????

And whats this Latency tool.

Sorry to butt in but god i get it all the time.

In Topic: NF4 Ultra-D> freezes in games

26 July 2005 - 01:36 PM

Started having this problem a few weeks ago.
At first, games would occasionally stutter (picture freezes, keyboard and mouse don't respond, sound loops for a couple of seconds) and then commence normally.
Lately, the PC freezes completely and I have to hit the reset button to reboot it.

I can't make out any pattern at all, except that it seems to be more likely to happen the longer the PC has been running and that it only happens in games.

W40k: Dawn of War, Counter-Strike: Source, Warcraft 3, GTA:SA are some examples of the games that froze my PC.
Sometimes it happens when the game just started up, sometimes the game freezes after an hour.
I updated the sound drivers with the latest package on the realtek site (WDM_A373a) and I went through half a dozen gfx drivers (71.89 over 77.62 to 80.40, tried regular Nvidia and XG modded versions of most of them).

My specs are in my sig, please ask away if there's any info I didn't mention that would help fix this.

Hi I get the same thing such a pain not to sure myself what it is???

In Topic: Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

26 July 2005 - 12:20 PM

well i just finally got around to my watercooled benchtest setup...

Skyhawk (Lian-Li clone that newegg had for $40, all aluminum, removable mobo tray, all that stuff) that had the top cut for a 120mm radiator...now all i have to do is just unhook the mobo from power and the waterblock and put a new mobo on the tray, slide it back in, and instant watercooling.

btw, the DangerDen TDX waterblock is a custom-built universal block that fits

462/478/754/775/939/940 and maybe a few others lol...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

notice that there's a 120mm red LED fan at the top...the radiator is right under that, and on the bottom of the radiator is an Evercool aluminum 120mm fan also...i tried put the entire 2-fan+rad in the 5.25" bays, but it left no room for a cd-rom and a resevoir (and i didnt have a fillport so i had to use a resevoir).

then i decided since putting one fan on top gave me a lil extra room, i dropped the Sunbeam Rheo on it and hooked up all the fans and the pump to it booyah.

it looks frankestein-ishly ugly but thats ok, it is a test bench heh. Only took me 6 months to get around to putting it all together (and then last night, i got all done and went to fill it with water only to realize I put the @$^#@#$#@ RESEVOIR ON UPSIDE DOWN.)

what is worse than putting the resevoir on upside down?

spending 10-15 minutes debating whether i should just turn the entire thing upside down to fill the resevoir and bleed it instead of busting hte lines and getting it in correctly lol (but if you had to fight getting 3/8" tygon on a non-tapered 1/2" inlet...you'd debate for 15 minutes too...GOD what a nightmare that stupid thing was)

Angery I notice you have your memory in 1 and 3 slots whats the reason behind that??

In Topic: This any good???

23 July 2005 - 12:32 AM


Thanks ALL but I'm still new to this water cooling and TDX AND RBX???????.

All sorted, cpu killer is going to send me a set up.

In Topic: This any good???

22 July 2005 - 01:03 PM

The antarctica block is a nice design modeled after the rbx blocks with the main difference of push on fittings. I can't stress enough how dangerous the fittings on this particular block can be. Even though they can withstand just about any pressure thrown at them, one bump and they leak like a sive. The gpu block can withstand a bump with less a chance of leaks, but why take the risk with blocks such as the Maze4 on the market. www.dangerden.com www.frozencpu.com I speak from experience when I say it's worth the extra dollars and the extra wait

Depending on your application I would suggest the TDX over the RBX, the RBX is most effective when utilizeing a pressure drop in a system with a strong pump. For more of a moderate application the TDX will perfom well .