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Can I easily take Hyper Fury 2400mhz to 2666?

18 March 2019 - 09:57 AM

I've readed you can simply buy 2400mhz Kingston Hyper X and OC through simple Profiles in Bios. You don't even adjust votajes and such.


Is that true?

if so I'd get those sticks.

New build _ PLAN

04 March 2019 - 06:47 PM

So hello guys after a year or two of inactivity. I've been out for a long time.


A bit of a resumee.. I hope my Signature is stil intact but in case it's not i'll describe my current build (bought in 2010 and still gaming perfectly).


Processor: I7 950 3.2ghz

Memory; Patriot 3x2gb 1600mhz

Monitor: 20" samsung monitor

HDD: 1tb WD
Watercooling: H60 Watercooling

Case: Thermaltake v9 Black Case

PSU; Thermaltake 750w
GPU: Originally was a EVGA 460gtz but I bought from a friend a Zotac 760 gtx 4gb which I believe is dead or faulty (happened 2 days ago). This forces me to update ALL MY SYSTEM


Basic things.
I will play on 1920x1080 Max (once I get a new Monitor, current one supports 1600x900).

I will keep the Case, PSU, Watercooling, HDD, and Monitor (for now)

I need (can't decide:


AMD (Generally cheapier than Intel but regarding performance is lower so..

INTEL (I was thinking in i7 7700k 4.2ghz or 8700 3.2ghz.
a) what is the deal with the K on intels? I do not plan on overclocking. Never did, never will.
b) Hhere is a comparisson and the 8700 is less power consuming, right? Cooler also. I don't know why would I need something like 4.2ghz looks too extreme 


Motherboard.. Been out of hardware industry for a long time.. so I don't have ANY idea what to look for. For sure I do not want a GAMING Motherboard with lights and fancy expensive things. I want a solid motherboard with 1x PCI Express ( I don't think I will add 2 cards never). USB 3.0 (all mobos have) and 4 DIM Slot could be better than 2.

GPU: I'm pretty sure I will still choose Nvidia 1060gtx 6gb (probably the Gigabyte). Never bought AMD so It might be good but I trust on nvidia.. except for my shitty Zotac... (we can discuss about it later)

Memory: 2x8gb 2400mhz (no more Mhz or Size) That is plenty enough for me. I saw a Corsair for a decent Price.



Pokemon GO, Anyone?

09 August 2016 - 07:15 AM

It's so strange nobody is talking about this. Sorry I couldn't find any topic about it.

Does anyeone wants to talk about it? I have some doubts. Maybe we can discuss yours here too.


For example. The most intriguing is the CP increase. Each pokemon comes with a Different CP and the higher it is there is less chance of power it up. And you can find fully evolved pokemons. Talking about strategy. What will be the best ouput? Get the 1st unevolved pokemon with higher CP and then evolve to it max and then power it up?


Project Solus (recommendation)

11 July 2016 - 08:25 AM

Hi guys,


If you like space themed games, exploration and survival I strongly recommend this game. It looks short but it is not, more if you like to explore like me.



A bit dissapointed with Corsair headset

01 June 2016 - 07:48 PM

Well in December 2012 I bought a Corsair 1500 Headset. No problems until now.

Right side not working whatsoever.


Problem = A red wire unsoldered (or whatever is the word).

I tried to fix it but the wire is just way too short giving me almost zero movility, in the process another wire unsoldered but whatever it was imposible to fix it anyway.


My dissapointment comes from the side that I didn't broke the exterior wie.. it was an interior wire not supossed to broke or unsoldered... I believe it is a really weak product from Corsair, I saw the same problem in many threads over the internet but well my story ended bad because I couldn't fix. I tried just for the honor


FYI RMA was not an option so I tried myself. Perhaps I should have tried in electronic store.. who knows . Maybe some day or maybe I buy a new pair but definitely not from Corsair because they are extremely expensive.. and it seems they are not so well made.


Once you play with headser you never want to play with speakers. I want surround again! But I want a decent and not that expensive.