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In Topic: python IndexError

19 August 2017 - 06:48 AM

I did this before in Linux Mint.


1. Download a copy of the python script speediest-cli . Or copy and paste the code into a file and rename it.


2.On Ubuntu or Linux you have to make it a executable to run  so open a terminal window and type  'sudo chmod a+x filename'.

  Now  if you type 'ls' to list what is in the directory you should see that the file name has changed color in my case green, Now its executable.


3. Run the file ' sudo python ./Filename. Thats it I think !!.


The 'a+x' I got off the internet some where it might not be the best practice but it works perfectly. Now you can schedule this to run when ever you want with crontab if you wish and pipe the results out to a file to have a look at later.


I hope this helps.


I have not been approved yet so I only get one post a day so I cant reply.

If you come across a way to change the servers for the speed test please let me know it could be useful Thanks !


Also I had a problem with 777 also and I found that above and it worked like a charm.

In Topic: New Project Idea - Need Some Guidance

28 June 2017 - 04:30 AM

Sorry I am limited to one post a day until I reach eight approved posts so yeah haha.


Yes exactly that is what I am looking for.


So my ideal set up would be a raspberry pi 3  which is connected to a mcp23017 via I2C.   The mcp23017 is a digital I/O expander 16bit.

Taking the readings and talking to the mcp23017 is done in python over I2C. 


So the Pi will take readings of the digital pins and store them in some sort of a data base.


The Pi will also be running an Apache web server this is where the values from the database will be shown in real time.

I also need the web site to allow me to input a persons name into the database and time and date if I can.


When I say python and database and apache ----- These are not in stone they are just my first ideas, which ever way I can make this project work the fastest and with most appropriate method will be grand.


I can get the web server working and the mcp23017 working individually.


I didn't look into databases just yet .


My problem specifically is getting the data in to the data base and on to the website and in real time. 


Again sorry for the delay in my replies I cant do anything about it until my account gets unlocked. 


I will be developing this project from tomorrow on wards with any free time I get.


I also want to document everything I can so others in the same situation can benefit and hopefully make their own projects a bit easier.


Again thanks so much for any help I do appreciate it. 


Ill be watching this forum but can only reply this time tomorrow.

In Topic: New Build Problem

22 June 2017 - 10:38 PM

Hey lads sorry for the delay on the reply I've been busy . And I didn't want to go testing anything without a proper psu as I thought I could damage what I have.


Ok so an update. I went to a mates place and got his 1000 watt psu and threw it in and also striped down everything to the minimum so just one hard drive and all the other essentials. 


We tested the voltage levels which were perfect and went through the bios and sorted as much as we could out.  We took the heat sink off the graphics card and reapplied some new thermal paste. 


We tested all the hardware with dos software so thats the mobo cpu and ram and gpu , I didn't test the hard drive from dos because I didn't have my software with me. 


So  all checked out fine and also the temperature at this point is perfect the cpu was only around 26 but  this is in dos mode so.


Finally we threw a ssd into it with windows 10 installed. Windows 10 automatically detects new hardware changes and applies the relevant drivers if it can so that was handy. Windows did as it promised so first boot was sluggish enough but after it had installed the drivers and configured its self it was flying it.


So now that we had some what of a system going we did more testing.


We did stress tests with one of the most famous software package  I cant remember the name of it but it had a green Icon and had like three or four letters in its name with a "5" in it, any way yeah tested the **** out of it and it  was perfect the temperature levels was solid enough around 64 it eventually reached 68 over a lot of time but never reached passed 70 hence cpu at its max as well , any way this would be way more than what I would ever use so I was happy.


So that is all the  hardware tested with a ssd and its good.


So now I throw back in my psu and re did all the testing , all of the voltage levels were the same and we did the same stress testing and the results were the same and we left this test a good while longer and it was fine.


So that is nearly every thing tested at this stage, one last thing is to test my hard drive with all the new configuration and also with the 1000watt psu and yup same problem really slow and hangs, glitched. 


The blame is on the hard drive right ? I later go to testing the hard drive I was using and did smart tests and all , we also did a quick test before and found one bad sector but sure like one bad sector I dont think will cause that bad a problem randomly like since it was running fine but any ways......  so I tested my hard drive while installing WINDOWS on to another ( I need windows for work :(  ) , my hard drive tested perfectly as I expected and passed all the tests.


When windows 7 finished installing on the other drive I installed all the drivers and it seemed to be perfect and very responsive.   So apparently Linux Mint was to blame ? Its looking like it any way. Id like to do a fresh install of mint later just for the laugh and see how it goes.


Let me know your opinions please.


Or any questions ask away - I cant remember the voltage levels any more the cpu was around .125 I think after that i am lost.


I will be installing some low demanding games later like GTA the older ones and that so ill post a status when I do.


Thanks for all the help !!