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Well I decided to build another spare P C

21 November 2018 - 12:56 PM

Aloha ,

Well I was given a couple Motherboards from my friend here so I was thinking of putting it into 

a case I have here , well I have several case's here to use.

   One of them is a ...... MSI 970A-G43 , AMD, with 2 x 8 GB Snipers.

I also have the Coolermaster EVO 212 CPU Coolers. 

I have a empty Coolermaster Nvidia Edition Case ( Possibly a CM 960 ll ) with a 850 Power Unit and Windows 10 CD.

This case seems a little small but might add bigger fans for better cooling. 

What recommended AMD CPU can be used for extra good working P.C., and there was  a

AMD Phenom ll X4 965 3.40 in it when I got it.


Would a AMD Black FX 6300 be better to use.


Replies are very much welcomed to this posting also.


LongBike / Louis

Can I use Sniper All Same 4x4 Modules in a MSI 970 with AMD 6300

01 November 2018 - 01:08 PM

Aloha ,

I am trying to find out if it is possible for me to install .... 4GB - x4 of the same Sniper Modules into a 

MSI 970 Mobo with ... AMD 6300 CPU and 850 Corsair Power Source.

I have ...... Sniper 1600 ....... 4 of the same Sticks with each one.... 4 GB Memory Stick for use.


   Can this be possible for use and still be safe to run the MoBo.

Or should I just go with ........ 4GB x 2 in Dual Channel instead ,,,, ??

Just try to find out to be safe for use.

Thank for a reply back


Well a brand new rig now and working great.

18 March 2017 - 01:10 PM

Aloha from Hawaii ,

Been away for a while but posting again.


I built a new Rig again because I had extra parts laying around:

I got another ...Thermaltake GT-10  case for free.   I ordered a .... MSI 970 MoBo and another


Only had some ...PNY 1333  Memory but is at ..... 16 GB ....to use but they worked ok.

 A new .... 850 Watt PU and it is going great.

The new on look just like the other one and built similar also.

This case also has a broken front panel so I am ordering a new one

I also tried a older .....Nvidia Video card but it wont post so I will be getting a higher grade one



Aloha   Louis   / LongBike

Brand New Rig done Now-MSI 970

12 September 2016 - 10:39 AM

Aloha ,

Got a new build done now and running great.

Thermaltake LEVEL GT10 Case

MSI 970


Geforce   GTX 285 Video Card  ( For now till the other arrives. )

Corsair TX850 Power Unit

For now till new parts arrive. It is running ok and all programed too.

Aloha   LongBike

Going to install another MoBo and CPU

07 September 2016 - 05:25 PM

Aloha ,

Well I decided to do another case and Mobo installation to the spare case I have here.

The case is a .... Coolermaster ...HAF , and the Mobo is a ......  MSI 970A-G46.

Got the MoBo free and it is working from another guy here but no CPU in it.

Using a Corsair ...TX750 Power Unit and have .... 1333 Memory on hand.


Need to know what CPU's will be OK with this one if possible please.

Would a .... AMD Phenom CPU fit this MoBo and would it work OK , and also which one would do it

or another AMD ?

Aloha  LongBike