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Related post: Univeraity o( Michigan, May ig, tton- ITo Governor Booxvell from Prof. Jamt< of Harvard.! Dear Governor: — I What Is Generic For Nexium am taking the liberty of meddling in New York State affairs by What Is The Generic For Nexium sending you a line touching my humble opinion of the im- portance Generic Equivalent Of Nexium Is There A Generic Nexium of letting the Pathological Institute de- velop on its 80 Mg Nexium present lines peacefully for a number of What Is The Generic Name For Nexium years before it is judged. Buy Generic Nexium I am told that Dr. Van Gieson meets with se- vere criticism in the profession and you will prob- ably hear the work there called "cranky" by men of respectable judgment. So far as the lunacy work goes^that is the only part Generic Version Of Nexium with which I am acquainted— I think it would be a real calamity to have any obstacles put in its oath. Convincing results will doubtless come as fruits of the truly psychological observations that the Institute is now having made, if time is only allowed. It is probable that eventually the Institute may be- come quite glorious from what it is now doing. I know enough of the medical mind to have little esteem for its opinions when they are conserva- ative. I really believe that Van Gieson deserves support ; and hope that you will not listen too confidingly to attacks on his methods. William James. Cambridcc Mats.. February ti. iSm. OUH LOMDOM L£TT£H. [From Our Special CorreapoEdenl.l London, June 14, 1900. THE POLYCLINIC — MR. JONATHAN HUTCHINSON ON THE "story OF ROBBEN ISLAND" — LEPROSY IN SOUTH AFRICA — THE SEGREGATION OF LEP- ERS A CRUEL INJUSTICE — THE ANTITUBERCULO- Does Nexium Have A Generic SIS MOVEMENT — ESTABLISHMENT OF A SANA- TORIUM Order Nexium Samples AT DUNDEE — MEETING AT LIVERPOOL — DEATH FROM A BEE-STING — LEAD-POISONING AND employers' LIABILITY. A CONVERSAZIONE has been given at the Poly- clinic in connection with the annual dinner which ?will take place on Thursday. Lord Strathcona and Mount-Royal, formerly High Commissioner for Canada, and the President, Vice-Presidents and Officers of the College gave a reception. The event of the afternoon was a lecture by Mr. Jo- nathan Hutchinson on "The Story of Robben Island." Robben Island is a small island situ- ated near Cape Town where lepers are cotnpul- sorily sent from South Africa with the idea of preventing the spread of the disease. Mr. Hutch- inson, who strenuously advocates that leprosy is not a contagious disease, said that the leper- establishment there is to be regarded as a prison rather than a hospital. Some of the medical officers carried revolvers and, when this fact was commented on at an inquiry, one of them an- swered that he did not regard the place as a hospital. The plea that these lepers are confined to prevent the spread of the disease When Will Nexium Become Generic is insincere for there are 14 healthy children in the women's wards. When Dr. Impey was taxed with this fact he simply replied that if he separated the children from their mothers he would have Nexium Dosage 80 Mg so many demons left on his hands. He had also ? stated that he had never known any official, doc- tor, policeman, warder, or nurse to acquire lep- ro.sy on the island. If, then, leprosy is, as he maintains, a non'-contagious disease, it is Is There A Generic For Nexium cruel injustice to keep 550 poor creatures in a state of confinement on a desolate island. Husbands have been torn Generic Brand For Nexium from wives and mothers from their children in consequence of the erroneous view which prevails on the subject. Mr. Hutchinson pointed out how necessary it is that there should be a well-informed public on this as well as on other subjects, such as vaccination, hydrophobia, etc. Their cooperation is required in order that the full benefits of medical science should be reaped. If leprosy is a contagious disease, why did it totally disappear from the British Islands and from inland Europe? In consequence of the advance of civilization which brought with it improved habits of diet and not from segrega- tion. Even now leprosy Discount Nexium Online in its early stages is a disease difficult of diagnosis ; therefore, segrega- tion in the old "leper-houses" Nexium Price Comparison must have been very incomplete. Moreover, into these houses patients with other diseases were Generic Form Of Nexium admitted. In one case a house was half a blind asylum and h'alf a leper-house. Segregation has failed in the Sandwich Islands. Robben Island is a disgrace to Generic Nexium 40 Mg the nineteenth century. The one cry of the poor creatures sent there is, "I want to go home!" Of it there might be said "All hope abandon ye who enter here." Many die there of a broken heart. The true cause of leprosy is the eating of uncooked salted fish which probably contained the bacillus. The fact that it is dotted here and there all over South Africa, a few cases When Does Nexium Go Generic occurring here and a few there, show that it is not contagious. No such thing as a violent Nexium 40 Mg Generic out- break has Generic Name For Nexium ever been recorded. There are no records of leprosy in South Generic For Nexium 40 Mg Africa before the Dutch introduced a number of Malay slaves to found a factory for drying fish. Leprosy is prev- alent amongst the Hottentots who eat fish, but HERNIA IN CHILDREN. 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