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NVMonitor Accuracy


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Hi, I'm running my sig below, with the following mods:


FSB: 278

DRAM *: 9/10 = 250MHz (DDR500)

CPU *: 8 = 2.224GHz

HT *: 3 = 834MHz


However, NVMonitor is not reporting this exactly. Most noticable is my memory, which it is declaring running at DDR556. I'm totally stable in Prime95, so I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with NVmonitor being horribly innacurate? If so, what monitor software do you use (for an NF4 chipset) that monitors speeds?



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No. My DRAM multiplier is 0.9


278 * 0.9 = 250MHz. DDR, thats 500MHz


See my point?

Opps .. I over looked that....:P


Some software doesnt read mem speeds correctly when using dividers.. I find that the newest version of Everest works pretty reliable..


where does one get the nvmonitor from ?

Im pretty sure you can DL it from nvidia's web site..

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