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I think I can box... Should I step into the ring?

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Well I have upgraded pc's many times however i am reaching that bridge in my life where I want to build my pc from the ground up. Knowing that there are always 2 paths in life I usually try the hardest one. It seems I reach that part where I think know about pc's then I discover new things and I am a small fish in a big pond. anyways to the point *sorry*. I want to build my new pc to be the best thing, I know the DFI lanparty's aren't for the newbs but I feel that I have done my research and I am prepared to do more. I want to try to tackle this mountain even though I've only entered the BIOS interface a few times before.


Here are the specs of the pc that I would be building.

Mobo: nF4 SLI-DR Socket 939

CPU: AMD 64 3000+(or 3700+) Venice core

Harddrive: hitachi 160gig Sata II

Memory: OCZ enhanced PC3200 2x512mb

Gfx card: 7800GTX

PSU: SeaSonic S12-600 ATX12V 600W Power Supply SLI certified


If you think I should try an easier motherboard please post the name of one that Has SLI support and that has few problems. Basically I am hoping that my specs for my future build will be enough with as minimal problems as possible, I don't want to be pulling my hair out, I have been to that point many times.

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