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Drivercleaner pro killed mic? plz help out. formating sucks

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I recently used drivercleaner to remove nvidia sound drivers and chipset and etc etc etc..

now with new drivers microphone dont work, i know it still works because i have another pc I tried it on..

Ive tried alot of different drivers since and nothing seems to work..

I dont wanna reformat but if thats what needs to be done than ill do it..

im sure theres something i can do to get this resolver, I just cant figure it out..

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Please god someone answer the man. I've been mike-less for months -- in my case I've never been able to get it to work, with either Realtek or nvidia drivers.


Odd thing -- run the wizard (with everything else checked and selected properly, everywhere, I guarandamntee it) in XP to calibrate the mic levels, and the volume starts at the top of the red, then slowly goes down to nothing, then blips back to the red again, and continues. This while not accepting any input whatsoever from the mic itself.


As with the OP I know the mic itself is good.

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