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New Build LP N F4-Ultra-D

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I love this board. I've been taking it easy with another M/B manufacturer and

I thought they were great. I am so delighted that I Made the switch. First, I misunderstood what all the board provided such as Two Gb Lan's, Four SATA, Diagnostic LEDs. wow!


This baby told me to with LED's to reset the graphics board. Bingo. The board told me to use DIMM slots 2 & 4 for Dual Channel. I am now running memtest as

reccomended while I wait for delivery of my new Graphics board (BFG 6800GTX which I ordered from NewEgg yesterday overnight.


Yes I found the format for sig and I will uodate. I started build planning several weeks ago but modding it on the fly. I started physical build last night and stopped when switch didn't work. Yes, I did test power supply before beginning the build. Disconnected power cable and slept 6 hours and came back to continue at 4:00AM(discovered diagnostic led's).


It's great to know that support is at hand if needed. I have been cruising through this forum noting as much as possible for several weeks. I am very impressed and

I will make it a point to post material as I build my learning curve with DFI.


I have already prepared a floppy for BIOS 623-3 and I will flash it after I complete testing and adding new GPU. Forever Forward.

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