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NV Lan Not working??

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I installed Windows XP.



1) Chipset Drivers 6.66 from NV's s ite... reboot

2) 3dfx drivers (rofl... amigasport 3.0).. reboot


NV Lan fails to work. I enable Marvell in my BIOS a nd then I install their drivers and the Marvell port works..


NV Lan will show up in the Network Connections in CPanel, but if I plug a port in, and try to obtain ip from my router, it fails after like 2 min. Marvel obtains like at a usual speed meaning it DHCP has succeeded, but NV port is weird??? I dunno. I would like to use the NV port and disable the Marvell port as I believe the NV Port has lower overhead. Plus, rather just have 1 active because I only need one...


Anyone can help? Thanks!


Edit: NV Firewall is off (never turned it on)

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6.53 is what I am using


6.39 i think were crap and caused it to not work, but 6.37 worked ok also.


keep in mind that the Marvell is actually probably the better NIC, but the real reality is that they are exactly alike...if you want to believe sites that have 'benched' it, you'll see maybe 1% difference? I see absolutely zero difference in them, and when my NF4's wont connect (depends on which modem/routers I am connecting to also) with the NVLAN i just use the Marvell.


there honestly is no difference....its like saying that my Corvette can do 151mph @ 20mpg while your Corvette can do 150mph @ 21mpg....no difference

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