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Asus Fx5600 Won'l Install, Please Help!

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:( hi all, can anyone help me out here.


I'm running XP on an msi mobo ( 845E MAX), 2.8 P4, 512meg ddr with the latest mobo drivers ( including VIA 4 in 1 ).

my old ( and current !) card is a Geforce2 and I'm trying to install the asus fx5600 but it just won't have it.


Firstly, once I've uninstalled the old card and rebooted, the new one comes up as a VGA controller and not a display adapter ( weird) and there is no sign at all of my monitor.

I then go through the procedure for new hardware installation, both auto and manual but niether work, I keep getting an invalid data error at the end of the install. I've downloaded the latest drivers from asus for the card but they don't make any difference.


I'm at my wits end, does anyone have any ideas or is the card faulty?


thanks a lot



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via 4 in 1's on an 845e motherboard???? does anyone else see a problem here.


but it honestly sounds like your registry is toast. put the old card back in, roll back your drivers, then install the newest nvidia reference drivers. then install the fx 5600 without doing anything else to your drivers, it should install just fine.

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I'm with RED on this one...


i845 is Intel Chipset

Via 4in1 Drivers are for... you guessed it "Via Mobo's"


If you've installed Via 4in1 drivers on a intel mobo... you'll need to do the following:


Uninstall Via 4in1 drivers.

Look for via 4in1 entry's in the registry. "DELETE THEM"


What's probably happend is that your pointing your AGP instructions to something that's not there.

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