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Holy Power Consumption Batman!

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So I was tweaking my system recently, yes I like to tweak it often, and started to hit a roadblock with my overclocking. Couldn't get past certain Mhz, knowing others had, or consistant reboots.


So I came to thinking, can't be a the RAM or CPU, as I know they can go much higher and then forgot about that one thing we store right in the back of the computer, hiding away, the power supply.


You'd think 450W would be enough, but then I found this little tool:




It helped me get a guess at how much power I'm actually using. Now you will note, it says for servers. The reason I went with that, is that they don't have any dual core AMD CPUs in the regular one, and the only dual core AMD chips they have are the Opteron, which is close enough. So I started adding them all up and found out the total is 451W


Thats assuming no CPU or GPU overclocking, or increasing volts. And not taking into account my higher end Panaflo 92mm CPU fan and 120mm fan I have in for even more cooling, with the standard four 80mm case fans.


Just picked up a OCZ ModStream 520W modular power supply. Not as beefy as their higher end 600W, but I doubt I'd need that right now. This baby is modular too and sleeved, really effective for better cooling and cleaning that case.


Rule of thumb! Check out how much power you are really using! :D


How much (estimated) is everyone else using by this tool?

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and not only is total power important, but just as important is how consistant it is, ie less spikes at full load. When it comes to rating electricity, and watts specifically, manufacturers can rate their products a few different ways. They can test 1 sample all day, and if at 1 point it spiked up to 500watts, then they rate it 500watts. Who knows, some may even just throw a number on there. Other, better manufacturers, will test several samples for days, and use something like rms, or root mean square, which is more where it runs, consistantly, on like an average. Then the best manufacturers will make products that have all the equipment inside to make the power very clean, with less spikes, and rate them conservatively. Kinda like when you go to radio shack and buy some pyramid amp for your car and it is claiming 500 watts at the push of a button, on a little EQ. Sounds like crap, and is noisy as hell. Then you go buy a precision power amp, rated at 25 x 2, and it blows it away in power and clean sound. Most of the time you get what you pay for.

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