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Got my Maxtor Diamond Max Sata working but how do I ?

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Ok guys I got this thing working now. ( after enableing it in bios genie).


Here is what I have now and all is working.


Windows xp sp1 (I'll get sp2 in a while) on the Maxtor 100gig Sata on sata 4.


160 gig Maxtor ide on IDE1 as master and 120 gig Maxtor on IDE1 as slave.


I only wanted wanted to use Sata to boot windows and not use it in raid, so as per instructions on this site, and did not use F6 option during xp install.


Device manager sees my Sata as IDE. Is this normal? I have the 5.10 chipset drivers on now, but did not install the IDE drives as I've read about people having trouble with nvidia IDE drivers, but does this apply to SATA as well?

Should I install the Nvidia 6.37 beta chip set drivers and will I get better performance with 6.37? Whats the best way to test my Sata hard drive to see if I'm getting the bennift fo Sata?


Any info or anything to add on this would be greatly appreciated.





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I tried the Nforce 6.66 drivers yesterday and didn't find any real performance increase over the microsoft ide drivers. The only difference was that the drive was shown as Sata. I use HDtach to test speeds and found my maxtor drive tests better than ide standards but on the lower end for Sata. I changed back to the microsoft driver because I had no probs with it and the nvidia one wasn't digitally signed.

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Thanks so much for the reply wbork and bnf. It's appreciated.


I did the hdtach bench mark also, but I only have the m$ ide drivers. The sata did bench mark better then the IDE but like you said, on the lower end.

I pretty much have everything I wanted installed now, and I'm not having one bit of problem and I'm still on the 8/27/04 bios this board came with.


I was expecting all kinds of problems with this Maxtor Sata DiamondMax L01M00 from what I've been reading in here on Maxtor's Sata.

So far, so good for me...


If you can, answer me these questions:

I have the Nvidia 5.10 chipt set drivers which I installed everything but the IDE drivers. Should I have installed other drivers for the Network and Sound?

All is working well, but my network card in device manager just says

"Nforce nvidia network controller" Should Marvel be in here somewhere?

Also the sound: Should I have something about Realtec in here because that is what it is, but I have generic Nforce nvidia audio codec. It's working fine, but am I getting the 8.1? I only have a pair of speakers and a sub, so not a real big deal for now anyway.



Hope you can answer me these questions.


Thanks again.



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