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Oh dear!!! 3 Lights and Beeps after weeks of stablity!!!

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I have had my computer running solid (as outlined in my sig) for weeks. Prime, OCCT, futuremark, Aquamark and SuperPi stable. (I was thinking of making an entry to the OC DB if I could find time to get the 8 hour prime session done :rolleyes: )


Temps have been good.


Then last night got home from work, went to switch it on and it stuck a 3 lights!!


And made beeping noises. It was a 1 second long beep followed by nothing for around 2 seconds followed by another 1 second long beep. This pattern repeats until I switch it off.


The splash screen dosn't come up as the monitor doesnt come on at all.



I tried clearing the CMOS last night but no luck (I thought it may have been an OC'ing related issue). So i've left the CMOS in the clear postion all night to try a long clear.



PLEASE tell me nothing is fried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(



Any ideas as to what to try??






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Hi thanks for taking time to look,


Loc.o, I tried that, no luck.


clinthammer, yeah my PSU meets all the requirements AFAIK.


Its been running beautifully over the last month+ thats why i'm so scared somethings just given way??




EDIT the output for my PSU...



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Were you running the memory voltage from the +5V rail by moving Jp17 over to the 4.0V memory voltage side? How much voltage was being applied to the memory during the last month of smooth sailing?



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